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Should the penis enlargement industry be banned?

Asked by: CybermanFord
  • I don't want to put any chemicals in my private parts thank you.

    Only betas use that poison, its also against what they we are taught, to be accepted for who you are, plus, I heard the chemicals that they put in messes up the babies that are made, the women may seem to like it, but they wont when some insecure beta takes advantage of them!

  • Penis enlargement is bad.

    Penis enlargements are a scam that beta males use to cover their insecurities. Instead of making products that force people to believe they should remove flaws they can't control and be very tough and manly, get people to believe they are amazing and to love themselves for what they are.

  • Alphas are in fear

    One day, the beta, becomes the alpha, or were they an alpha all along, and the enlargement just helped express it? Either way, alphas don't like competition. Another point. Should we also outlaw breast enhancement or a multitude of other cosmetic surgery? I think adults should be able to decide for themselves.

  • It is good.

    If people have a problem with erectile dysfunction, they should be prone to something better than just Viagra®. Banning this helpful health benefit is just downright anti-sex, amti-rape. We're all humans, we all do these things in life that people have no clear perspective on, but all in all, The answer is No!

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