Should the penny be silver like the rest of the coins?

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  • All coins should be made out of the same material.

    The same way we make all of the money out of the same paper, so should all coins be made the same. Furthermore, all presidents should also face the same direction also. Could it be that Lincoln is facing to the right because he chose to do what was morally right in the eyes of GOD ? Although, we all know the true reason why he's on the lowest value coin facing the opposite direction. It will ALL be judged very soon.

  • We should turn the penny into SILVER!

    We should turn the penny into silver because it will help with the penny debate. It's cheaper! Here's my question. Do you want to keep the penny and turn the penny into silver, or do you want to destroy the penny and not matter what metal is made with the penny.

  • We should turn the penny to SILVER!

    This would help the penny debate. If we just get cheaper metal we wouldn't be spending so much money. Here's my question for you do want to keep the penny and change it to silver, or do you want destroy the penny and have it not matter on what metal it is? That's my question.

  • No, don't do it!

    I have a hard enough time telling the difference between quarters and nickels by looking. I do not need to have trouble differentiating between dimes and pennies. Even if it is cheaper to do so, it is too traditional for the penny to be copper to change it so easily. It would be like suggesting we make a three-dollar bill.

  • Penny is Just Fine Being Copper

    No, the penny should not be silver like the rest of the United States' coin currency as copper is cheaper to produce. The penny having a different hue than the other coins does not matter much, as anyone in the US can still quickly identify the penny as being a legal coin.

  • It's not broken so don't "fix" it

    Eventually I feel we should get rid of all coin currency but as long as we are still using coins why change something that's working fine? It will confuse a ton of kids who are learning about money (and maybe some adults) if we change pennies to silver and I'm sure it would also cost a ton of money to make this "change". Copper pennies work just fine.

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