Should the Pentagon pay their football coaches more than their other employees?

  • Its a good investment.

    In 2011 the army football program generated $8,839,775 in revenue off of $5,620,774 in expenses. That's a return of over 60%! It's not just a game it's a revenue steam. Coaches' salaries are not arbitrarily assigned. The pentagon is paying the market rate for world class football coaches. These guys are the best at what they do. An average employee can be easily replaced, there are only a handful of good football coaches.

  • Why is that ok?

    If it's true that the highest paid Pentagon employees are football coaches rather than folks charged with protecting our nation, that's really disappointing. Collegiate sports are revenue producing, and those funds don't go back to the academic side of the universities. Unless the Army, Navy and Air Force football programs are generating funds for the defense/protection side of things it seems our priorities are even more screwed up.

  • The Pentagon should not pay their football coaches more than other employees

    There is too much emphasis placed on sports in today's day and age. Professional athletes and coaches are paid an exorbitant amount of money for a job that is not the most critical job in the world today. Employees should be paid based on the job requirements and their skill set rather than just an arbitrary amount of money because they are in sports.

  • Pentagon Football Coaches Paid Less

    I completely and strongly disagree with this debate question because I have to believe in my heart of hearts that other employees work harder than the football coaches at the Pentagon. So I would not pay them more than the other employees who are far more important to the Pentagon's daily operations. Football is a game.

  • No, the Pentagon should not pay their football coaches more than other employees.

    Coaching football at the collegiate level is a highly stressful job. Some of the top jobs pay upwards of $5 million dollars. With that said, these coaches should not receive some of the highest salaries paid. Their job does not entail national security. I believe the Pentagon should renegotiate contracts to provide incentive to coach while still being reasonable about coaches' salaries in regard to the budget.

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