Should the people be racist towards politicians? Declare all politicians to evil and worthless beings?

  • Tell me what you guys think

    I believe that argument is not necessary because our life experience is enough to see why I think that politician are all the same. They are all scum and when we see one of them we need to be a racist to them. Don't speak with them, don't vote, dont recpect them, dont be nice and when you see one of them you must have a look full of hatred.

  • It is imperative to support politicians that actually have values.

    I agree that a lot of politicians are slime balls and act with only their own interests in mind. I believe that our whole political system needs a revamp. Our system supports corruption so let's toss the system. Let's make a new system that discourages "bad actors" by valuing and rewarding good deeds. Let's stop supporting bad politicians. We need better politicians not no politicians.

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