Should the people watch the leader of their country for the entire time anybody ever leads their country?

Asked by: Wengerocracy
  • I do not like Trump

    He wants to build a wall so we can block people. I have friends from Mexico. My dad does to. They are not bad. Then they can not go back there! Do you love someone? What if you could not see them ever again! I would be sad, you to!

  • I want to watch the leader of my country for the entire time that person leads my country.

    Civilocity is a form of government where the people watch the ruler entirely amongst their reign.

    Democracy is a form of government where the people vote for who the leader of their country is and majority wins.

    I want to vote for who gets to lead my country and I want to watch whoever wins for the entire time that person leads my country.

  • Right of privacy.

    Funny how people all over the country are worried about their own privacy but insist on knowing everything about everyone else. Guess what, the people you want to know the most about need privacy even more. Hypothetically, if a person could monitor the police. Criminals would never be caught as they would know were exactly the police are and were they are not. Something similar was done when fuzz busters came into use. Drivers would hit the gas when the fuzz buster was quiet and slowed way down when it did. This way, their hazardous driving would not be caught. The higher up you go, the more reason for their privacy. For instance, if the President directs troops to an area, by the time the troops get there they may be walking right into a trap set by someone watching.
    Here is the deal. Information is power. Power tends to corrupt. People will use the information to their own advantage.

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