Should the perps posting revenge pictures on the internet be prosecuted in the court of public opinion as well as criminal court?

Asked by: jakscrow
  • Celebrities should be held accountable.

    Larry wilmore of the nightly show has been blasting cosby for sex crimes
    ...Then had 50 cent, the rapper, on tuesday as a guest speaker and didnt say a word about fiddy posting revenge porn of an ex on the internet, also a sex crime, OR that 50 filed bankruptcy after losing a court judgement of USD$5 million for said sex crime
    ...So cosby's sex crimes are bad but 50's sex crimes are ok? Inconsistent much!?!?

    -Jackson bought the footage from Leviston’s ex and posted it online to taunt hip-hop rival Rick Ross, court papers reveal. Leviston is the mother of Ross’s child, and the video nearly drove her to suicide. She was awarded $2.5 million for Jackson’s use of her image without permission and $2.5 million for intentional infliction of emotional distress. Just before court Monday morning, he filed for bankruptcy in an apparent bid to dodge the payout. The maneuver postpones the trial and prevents Jackson from revealing his net worth and tax returns.

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