• Yes it should be so

    Philippines is a part of USA from vary centuries.Alaska and Hawaii have gained statehood,but why not Philippines?There are economical reasons,but American is losing a future emergent country and it could been very useful for USA.And I think Usa should annex with it even Canada,Australia and New zealand.They all are part of USA

  • Down with the traitors.

    Secession for ANY American territory is illegal and is an act of treason the Philippines seceding and the us allowing it is the equivalent of us letting the south secede the Philippines seceding was an act of treason and when Truman granted them independence he was being unconstitutional the Philippines secession was a treacherous move the Philippines itself is not a real nation its just a `country` ruled by traitors to the USA `o`er the land across the sea of traitors and bumblebees when they betray the flag of the stars they will feel the wrath of the stars`

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  • The Philippines was exploited by the U.S. for half-a-century

    We often forget about the fact that around 200,000 to several million Filipinos were killed during the Philippine-American War. It's a war everyone was quick to forget. Perhaps because the U.S. had no purpose in the newly independent Philippines. Maybe because the U.S. knew it was contradictory to rob the Philippines of its independence from Spain by imposing its own American rule through militarized force, fighting one-sided battles, torturing Filipino captives, killing civilians and surrendered Filipino troops, and burning villages of women and children. War crimes were committed by the United States military, but that is the part left out of the textbooks.
    Furthermore, the United States did not save the Philippines from anything.
    The Philippines had already essentially driven out the Spanish by 1898. The U.S. did not help the Philippines to a stable governement. In fact, many of the revolutionary leaders receievd educations in Europe, schooled in Western thought, such as the tenets of democracy and liberty and just ways to rule.
    The United States robbed the Philippine people from a national identity. Even the Philippine culture is widely altered. Most of its culture is constructed through the lens as the colonial subjects of imperialsit powers (U.S. And Spain).
    Through the newly established education system of the United States, the Americans literally re-wrote Philippine history and taught it to Filipinos in textbooks that praised the U.S. as "benevolent" when compared to the brutal Spanish. This is true, to the extent that the Americans were less brutal in their rule, but rule is still ruthless and explotative.
    For the next half-century, the U.S. supressed the Philippine press, discouraged Filipino nationalist scholars and sentiments, exploited the Philippines for its resources and trading location to China, used the country as a militarized strategic location during the Cold War out of the paranoid "Red fear" of communism, and created a consumerist economy, which has the Filipino people as main consumers for foreign, Western industries, fueling a global capitalism where third world countries (such as the Philippines) are held down by coeporate power and greed. In short, the United States has used the Philippines for its own purposes, never truly caring for the political or cultural well-being of this once hopeful, newly-independent nation.

  • Philippines is a great country

    Philippines is a country which enrich in culture, food, art and more. USA is a country full of haters. NO love. Why do make it so easy gives Philippines to USA? Philippines have right to elaborate their peaceful country to a better place. Once an ASEAN, always be an ASEAN.

  • No they should not

    That place some would argue is too far flung to attach to the US and could even be more vulnerable to attacks if the nation were to go to war in that region and so maybe the US should focus more on bettering the land that it already has for now.

  • No Philippines USA

    The Philippines does not belong as a territorial state to the United States of America. Instead the Philippines is an ally that is a friend to the American government. Making the Philippines a part of the USA would not be political feasible because of important cultural and major political differences.

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They sound closer to Mexicans.