• Yes, the Philippines should remain independent.

    Grab the opportunity while you have a brave President like Mr. Duterte. Being an independent nation doesn't mean you are going for a war against U.S., we are allies. This only means that this time you'll have your chance to be independent. If not now, when? If not him, who?

  • Yes, the Philippines should remain independent.

    Yes, the Philippines should remain independent from the United States. The United States already has its own problems it has to deal with. There is no reason taking on the Philippines as another full responsibility well out of arms reach. From a financial aspect there is just not enough money in it versus what the United States would spend by bring the Philippines the whole way in.

  • Yes, the Phillipines should Remain independent

    The Phillipines should remain independent of the United States because there has been a relatively stable government in place in recent years. The state of the country during US rule was not the best, so it is not in a rush to return to US rule. Allow the country to receive US aid, perhaps, and form a close diplomatic relationship, but the US should not take over the nation again.

  • Their own country

    I think that they should stay independant, and be their own country. They do not want to be ruled by the United States, they want to be independant and be able to make their own laws and rules. We should let them handle their own business, and become a successful country.

  • US rule of the Phillipines would cost too much.

    The Philippines should remain independent. The United States has enough economic worries on its hands without taking on another country. Even if this country has resources, it would not be enough to erase the extra debt we would get into by taking them on. They should govern themselves or find another country to do so,

  • The Philippines is a sovereign nation.

    Returning to US rule is not what the US or the Philippines wants. That sort of relationship complicates more than just who is in charge. Immigration, taxes, language and a whole slew of other problems come out of such a deal. Puerto Rico is an American territory with a similar situation and the complications there still have not been resolved, nor will they anytime soon.

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