Should the placement of handbills on parked cars be banned?

  • As An Environmental Measure

    I believe the placement of handbills on parked cars should be banned on environmental measures. Unsolicited advertisements should not be affixed to property for any reason. Handbills should be handed out directly to other persons, and that's if they want to take it. I think these practices are rude and they shouldn't be allowed.

  • Freedom of Speech in the Parking Lot

    Handbills are a popular method of getting information out to the masses and should not be banned from parking lots. A handbill is a harmless way to convey information without having to interact with each individual, saving time for the informer, and relieving the “parker” from having to engage in a conversation, wanted or not. The handbill can easily be removed and read or discarded.

  • No, it's only advertising.

    I don't think we should ban the practice of placing handbills on the windshields of parked cars. This has been going on for decades. The handbills are often announcing the grand opening of a small business or restaurant that hasn't got a lot to spend on advertising. There is often a coupon on the bottom of the handbill announcing a special introductory price if you show them the handbill.

  • I don't mind it.

    No, the placement of handbills on parked cars should not be banned, because it is a fun way to learn about what is going on in the community around you. It someone wants to go to all of the effort to walk from car to car, I do not mind hearing what they have to say.

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