Should the Plan B Morning After Pill Be Available to 15-Year-Olds?

  • Duh. It's an absolute yes.

    If I can be 15 years old with a baby and I am able to sign my baby's consent forms and decide what I can and cannot feed them, I should have the convenience of stopping an unwanted pregnancy in the first place. It's not fun being a teen mom who could've more easily prevented this with unprescribed OTC Plan B

  • Yes of course

    People may say that 15 year old girls shouldn't be having sex at all. But the thing is, is that you can stop anyone of any age from having sex. It will happen and you can't stop it. But you can stop a 15 ear old girl from becoming pregnant, her body and brain are not physical and mentally ready for a child. "they are too young to be using plan B" um no they are too young to have a baby.

  • Yes yes yes

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  • Yes, the Plan B should be available to 15 year olds.

    America needs all the birth control it can get. No 15 year old is mentally, physically, and financially prepared to raise a child. Every contraceptive should be available to our citizens. The Plan B can help America from having another unwanted child in this world. We do not need more babies that have parents who cannot properly raise them.

  • The Plan B Morning After Pill should not Be Available to 15-Year-Olds.

    15 year old are too young to be using the Plan B pill. They should not be having sex, either. The availability of this pill to teenagers will encourage them to have unprotected sex. It will expose children to all kinds of dangerous habits which can cause them a lot of trouble later in life.

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