Should the Pledge of Allegiance be said in school?

  • Atheists Please Listen

    If you are an atheist and don't believe in God, then how does pledging yourself to a God offend you? If you don't think God exists, your pledging yourself to nothingness. God has been a part of America since the Constitution was conceived. Even if you don't believe in wars, they have given our nation its foundation. Even if you don't believe in God, it is a much a part of America as you or me.

  • It is respectful

    When we say it and we face the flag we are respecting the falling soldiers. They sacrificed their life so that we could be free. Also, we are respecting the president. Eisenhower added the words "Under God". When we say we are respecting the president of the United states. That is why we should say it.

  • The Pledge of Allegiance should be said in school.

    The Pledge of Allegiance is an important tradition that helps instill patriotism and loyalty to our youth. It is a reminder of the rights we have as Americans, and it's a good way to start the day. People who object to The Pledge of Allegiance do not understand its true significance.

  • Kids should be given choice on saying PoA

    When I was growing up in school I found no harm or no disgust from my classmates when I did not participate in the Pledge of Allegiance. I believe it should still be around as a core way of teaching but it should be one of the things that is not stressed and enforced on a student to participate in. If the student is taught by their parents to refrain from saying the PoA but be respectful and kind to others who do, it should ultimately be left on the individual. However, as a school process, the school should continue to initiate the process because it is not harmful for a student to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance unless they are taught otherwise.

  • Yes most certainly

    It is a pledge to the country, the constitution, and the freedom we all are expressing right now. It is a respectful annotation of words to acknowledge all those who died for these rights and paid the ultimate sacrifice. It is the lifeblood of this country and the moment it stops being known is when this country no longer knows what it is.

  • Yes Absolutely should be said in schools

    The pledge of allegiance should be said in schools because I am a student and there is nothing wrong with the Pledge of Allegiance and it does not do anything wrong it does not say a specific god or it is NOT a form of prayer a prayer is "dear.."

  • Yes yes yes

    As Americans we have said this since we became a free country. I believe that through this why stop now. We should say this, but if you are Atheist you may just give your reason to the teacher and she will not force you. You have the right to not say it, but we live in America and we are trying to respect a country.

  • Yes, it is beneficial.

    The pledge of allegiance should be said every day in public schools, because it teaches children and teachers what the United States of America is, why it began, and what it stands for. Children should not be forced to say the pledge, but it should be encouraged. Many of America's founding fathers were Christian, and their faith in God and the Bible deeply influenced the founding documents, such as the declaration of independence, the constitution, and the bill of rights. This country was built by people who worshipped and honored God, and "under God" this nation came to be. Liberty and justice are the right of every American citizen, and for that, the school children and teachers of this united nation ought to be proud of the privilege to say this pledge.

  • Yes, most certainly.

    America was founded on certain unalienable rights, and all three are only available to us because of the original colonists and the soldiers still fighting to this day. Not pledging to the flag that stands for our country is a complete dishonor against the people fighting of other countries, and our ancestors that created our great nation.

  • It is Indocrtination

    The pledge of allegiance serves no real purpose for children in elementary school. They cannot truly understand the import of the words they are forced to blindly recite each morning. It is just another step that makes people less likely to be skeptical of the government when in fact skepticism is healthy and necessary for true freedom.

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  • It is discriminatory

    Many religions prohibit saying the pledge, and many people do not neccecerly want be pledging alligence to a country they may or may not want to always be supporting. Also, many imagrants, and people from Canada are not going to be alligent to the US over thier birth country. Also, pressuring students to be alligent to the USA in a public building and service is a form of brain washing and will make others with diffrent belief systems feel uncomfortable which in not ok.

  • In Indoctrination We Trust

    I find it very disturbing that we teach our kids to recite words they don't understand from as little as Kindergarten. I think around sixth grade students should be given and in depth analysis of the pledge and whether we as a nation actually believe in the things the pledge says we do, Liberty and Justice for all for starters is big fat NO

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  • It is Idolatry!

    As a follower of Jesus who said, "do not swear an oath" I am opposed to saying the pledge of allegiance. I see it as a form of idolatry. I also see it as a type of prayer, which as I understand is not allowed to be forced upon students.

  • It is unnecessary

    The pledge is basically making children, who by the way don't really care about the government,pledge to a landmass. Also when we say the pledge we are pledging to god and america, and not all the people who have to say the pledge believe in god or are registered american citizens! Also when we say the pledge we aren't pledging to the soldiers, or the government, we are pledging to a religious character and a landmass. We are technically not pledging to god cause it's against the bible to pledge to anything but god. This is tyranny, if this is a free country then why do we have to pledge. America is the maker of so great stuff but the pledge, the pledge is just unnecessary!

  • Propagandistic religious slogans and political pledges have not place in places of learning.

    Especially among innocent, unmoulded children! Schools must educate children, sure, but they have to remain objective (and that does not include religion).
    They must teach them facts first and foremost, and while children must also learn of life's and society's do's and don'ts (do not kill, be fair, don't be rude, etc) it is important to draw a line when this education goes too far into the indoctrination valley, and they start PLEDGING themselves (yes, forcing six-year-old to pledge to) to a political doctrine and ideal they might not even hear about (much less understand) until fifth grade. I find that a dirty ploy to instill an entirely unobjective preference of children to their own country, and this could easily spill over to result in nationalism. Or, better yet, jingoism.
    Just remember - it was with slogans like these that world wars were started. More than twice!

  • Swearing an oath because you were born somewhere is just stupid

    I don't like standing for the pledge because when I actually thought about what it says I didn't get good results.
    "I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the united states of America" ok so for one this will get you sent to hell as a Christian. In the bible it tells you to swear no fealty to anything but god, so that contradicts your belief system.
    2. While this country has provided me my home, my friends, my shelter and everything else good about my life I don't owe allegiance to it. I'm so glad to have been born in America but swearing an oath of loyalty to something that you had no choice about goes against my worldview.

  • Just Brainwashing Children

    The Pledge of Allegiance has lost all meaning to students at this point in time. To most students, it isn't a pledge to their country. It isn't a pledge to a religion, "Under God", even though it could be thought of that way. The Pledge of Allegiance has become a group of sentences spouted at the beginning of the school day. Most students don't even think about what they're saying, they just recite. If this isn't brainwashing, I don't know what it.

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