Should the Pledge of Allegiance remain a part of American society?

  • The pledge is a showing of our freedom.

    I feel that if it were taken away, we are basically telling all the brave soldiers that have died and are currently fighting for our freedom that we do not appreciate our American rights or their sacrifices. We are more than capable to take a couple of minutes everyday to stand up and say the pledge proudly while they are constantly fighting overseas.

  • Yes, it is historical.

    Yes, the Pledge of Allegiance should remain a part of American society, because it is important for Americans to appreciate their country. Americans who show respect for the country are more likely to be respectful to others. People who hate our country want to change the things that made it great. The Pledge is a good reminder of where we have come from.

  • The Pledge of Allegiance is a symbol of our society

    The Pledge of Allegiance is something all Americans should know and say. It represents some of the core values of this country and should serve as a reminder of why and how our country came to be. Most Americans take for granted some of our basic freedoms and liberties and we shouldn't.

  • No, the pledge is not treated correctly, we are not gaining anything from it, and while saying "indivisible," it divides us.

    Its understandable for people working in fully American jobs (such as FBI, people in the legal system, politics, etc) to say this because, well, they work for America. But practically forcing children who either have no idea what they are saying or may not want to say it to say the pledge is going against many of the good things in American society. I definitely think it is wrong to force kindergarteners to pledge allegiance to anything. They have no idea what "allegiance" even is, other than they say it a lot in the morning. They are never taught what they are saying or why they are saying it. And while some may argue they legally have a choice, students are never told so by their teachers, and if they decide to use that right they are met with the teachers anger, and students at that age would usually not defy a teacher, or students who will pressure them into saying it as well. Also, there are students from outside the country who may not be here by choice or even for very long, but while they are here they are pressured to call their country inferior to this one daily, creating an uncomfortable situation. Finally, the pledge says that we are "indivisible" but it in itself has been dividing us for years now. There are not enough benefits for the long list of drawbacks the pledge creates.

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KendoRe2 says2016-06-24T16:10:37.093
If you live your life in a country you hate, you're the fool. Buy a ticket and leave
KendoRe2 says2016-06-24T16:11:04.563
If you live your life in a country you hate, you're the fool. Buy a ticket and leave