Should the points system be removed from Canada's immigration laws?

  • No doubt about it

    Canada's immigration system is completely unfair because a majority of the people in Canada can't even pass this test and it's just hypocritical to make immigrants have to deal with such high standards. I agree with one person's argument when they said that it's better to keep it instead of exchanging for nothing, but I think we can find a way to change it so it's better and fair. I feel that all of this is highly unfair and we should be giving immigrants more chances to come and enjoy Canada the way we do.

  • No i do not think it should be taken away

    I think it is good because it teaches them a better understanding of Canada's history. They also give them resources to have a good life in Canada. Learning Canada's history is a good thing because if anyone randomly asks you anything you would know I am bored I'm going to play fortnight

  • It shouldn't be removed

    Its a good system and actually protects not just canadians but the immigrants too. The system takes in account the family not just the one person, it also makes sure that immigrants can actually find jobs and actually adapted properly, so its not just one sided it takes in everyone's needs and opinions.

  • No...Also other things should be considered

    I think its a good system. I am here 400 years so never took it! But lately the problem is there are hundreds of people getting into canada who do not even have grade 5 level english. They wanted to test taxi drivers who are foreign in toronto and they freaked out- the english test was canadian grade 5 level! Alot of immigrants make up fake credentials espeically from pakistan, indian, Iran etc and with technology its so easy nowadays

  • It seems to work better than our system.

    Canada has a decent way of protecting immigration with the point system. It works better then the US's current system. If you are going to change it you better have something better lined up to replace it, which they currently do not. Why change a good thing in exchange for nothing?

  • I think that Canada has the right idea because they are being fair.

    Canada has the right idea by having a point system for their immigrants. Unlike the United States, all one has to do is pass their point test. In the United States, one has to live in the country for seven years and take a test to get a green card, and if you are caught in the United States without one you are deported. Canada provides a great opportunity for an immigrant to have a great life within their country. The point system is good in theory, if you pass it you're in. This also helps keep dangerous people out of the country.

  • No, the points system should not be removed from Canada's immigration laws.

    I am a fan of anything that promotes the idea of free enterprise. The points system rewards anyone with a good historical record of work and promotes the competitive side of doing business. I believe that Canada has the right to continue this practice as long as it feels it is the appropriate means of rewarding the hard working person who wants to migrate to Canada.

  • The Points System is a good thing and shouldn't be removed.

    The Points System keeps out the homeless, and the useless out of our country. If these people are allowed in, then they will bring down Canada itself, as well as taking away our taxes, that the government uses to help the homeless immigrants. Also, the debt our government is in will only become bigger, and our economy would drop, from having more people relying on begging and the government.

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