Should the police be charged with murder who killed Eric Gardner?

Asked by: LiberalProlifer
  • Hell yes they should.

    Eric Gardner died for several reasons: he is black, the cigarrette tax, and police corruption. He stopped breathing when he was lying face down in handcuffs while being in a chokehold. He tried telling the cops that he could not breath, but he died in the hospital later. He he had the right to sell cigarattes to any adult that he wanted.

  • Yes because he was unarmed, restrained and gasping for air.

    Regardless of cause of death, the increasing militarization and ill trained police force is affecting people who are seen as a threat: minorities. If the police were taught to see all as human and taught how to properly deal with civilians Eric Garner would be living today. May god be pleased wit his soul. The victims here are not police, but rather the people suffering from the ailments that this militarization, brutal force and discrimination brings about, therefor the police man should be health accountable for using fatal force on an unarmed civilian. He could've restrained him differently.

  • You can't always ease up from a person when the say they can't breath.

    Basically anyone while they are being arrest says they can't breath, so a cop has a hard time knowing if the suspect really can't breath. I can't stand people who say that Gardner died from a chokehold, it was a head lock, the thing that killed Gardner was not the head lock but the pressure on his chest with his health problems. The police also tried hard to keep him alive but it took a long time for the paramedics to get there. Eric Gardner's death didn't need to happen, it happen because of the cigarette tax, the government forcing the police to enforce the law against selling of cigarettes, and the long response time for the paramedics to get to the situation. But the one thing that should not be blamed for Eric Gardner's death is the police that are force to enforce such a stupid laws and tried to keep him alive.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-04-09T02:51:30.880
Somehow I knew who made this poll just by looking at the picture.