Should the police be held accountable for all the actions they do?

  • Police being detain

    In most news stations, they talk about the police department doing good for the city they are protecting. Yet, what about those officers who are just doing wrong to the people in the city they are supposely protecting. In my own opinion, I think they should be highlyheld accountable for what they have done.

  • USCA subsection 1983 provides those who infringe upon another and liable un 1983 to infringe is all that they have do; the police are infringers.

    To infringe is to overstep, And disrespect to a whole lot of other things and the police is guilt of infringing even if they stop and frisk someone just because that is an infringement and we're going to make them pay - no matter how long it takes. For the rest of my days

  • Yes they should

    Just as police seek recognition for the good they do they also need to equally be willing to accept punishment for the bad things they do as well. Any crime that would land anyone else in cuffs should hold the exact same fate for a police officer. No special treatment.

  • False police reports

    When a civilian files a false police report they get up to 10 years and heavy fines. Police filing false police reports are not held accountable for this at all! As in a fatality collision in our town police lied and sided with major truck company covered up their speeding, etc... And said other driving not wearing seatbelt, etc... Horrid, horrid, horrit.

  • Cops needs to be charged gor their crimes..

    Well. I think the cops say my job is hard you don't know what it's like.
    Frist, you signed up for that job. Know body force you to take that job. If you do job or it get to stressfull fuckin quit like most people do when they like thier job.
    Second, the cops should have to pay for insurance incase they get sued such, as surgeons do. The city should not pay thier lawsuit. That tax payer money noy thier's.
    Third, do they not know they work for the people. We pay for thier food on table as a taxpayer. That why a lot cop's are pigs with guns. They are so fat with all the money as taxpayer pay them. They can't fit thier uniform and they big belly always poking out of thier uniform like a pig. Oink oink.
    Above all the cops are not here to protect and service
    They here to kill and collect thier paycheck.

  • Cops are criminals

    A lot of cops are committing crimes right now and getting away with it. Perfect example is the Santa Ana police dept in California. A lot of those cops (Lorenzo Carrillo, eric demopoulos and irma vasquez along with some of the dispatchers-to name a few) make up things to get innocent people arrested, they harass people and then these santa ana employees pretend to be victims when in front of the judge. There's been news about all sorts of surveillance being done on everybody by local cops but who patrols these ruffians? Their accountability for their crimes are long overdue these employees are criminals and have to be prosecuted just like any other criminal

  • Yes They should.

    One problem is that officers may commit crimes when they are "under the badge". This is called "misconduct". But I prefer to call a spade a spade; some police are criminals and get away with the crime or with less severe penalties than if they were a civilian committing the same crime. The reason: crimes committed by police officers are investigated by internal affairs

  • Yes they should

    People officers do many things correctly and therefore should be held to the same standards as everyone else is. If they do something correctly, should they not be rewarded just like everyone else. If they do something incorrectly, should they not be punished. Their punishments may not be they same as the punishments are for everyone else, but in proportion to their standards, they are very similar.

  • Police can and should always be held accountable.

    Police are around to maintain order at least in theory they are. When a police officer is not held accountable then they can commit horrific acts as Americans or more oppressive regimes around the world have seen countless times. The police are humans and like humans they can easily be tempted by the prospect of power over their fellow man, they should never be viewed as above their fellow man because they have a badge and a gun.

  • Yes, Everyone Should

    If police and doctors were held accountable for their opinions, misinterpretations, and mis-perceptions the world would be a better place. You can't just force someone to conform to your opinion of what they should be. All people are different. Instead, you should respect people for being people. If doctors for example double checked and really thought about how they diagnosed and relied on say testing, they could be better doctors, and do actual medicine, versus just relying on their gut opinion. Cops are the same way, they should use diagnostics like medical diagnostics and facts, to prove/disprove, accuse, people of things. Opinions, and misperceptions have no place in the legal world.

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