• We need the police to be accountable for their actions.

    I think police departments all over the country should be investigated, not as a witch hunt, but just to make sure that our police officers have the right training and the resources they need for their jobs. I don't understand why police departments would object to such investigations as it would allow them to air their grievances, if they have any.

  • Yes, police should be more closely investigated.

    Yes, police should be more closely investigated. All law enforcement at every level - local, state and federal - should be independently investigated when crimes are committed by agents and officers. There should be checks and balances to keep them in line. Law enforcement agents and officers work for US citizens, they are employed to protect and serve, not terrorize and kill.

  • Should the police be more closely investigated? By whom?

    Should the police be more closely investigated? By whom? The police are just fine and don't need any additional investigation beyond the anal probes they get from a cherry picking grievance crowd. This silly nonsense about the police needing more investigation is just that, silly. Time for people to grow up.

  • No, most people don't understand how the system works.

    While I do not believe everything the police have done has been justified, I do believe that they have been too harshly judged while simply doing their job. What gets overlooked in a majority of these cases is resistance and the lack of perspective of the situation. Most people have never been in a situation remotely close to what a police officer goes through every single day. Every interaction is stressful and often times people push it too far against police officers and they use force within the law that seems unnecessary to the normal public.

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