Should the police pursue organized crime more fiercely, allowing petty misdemeanors to slide?

  • Yes, they should.

    It's about time we started letting petty misdemeanors slide in the United States. There are big fish to fry here, and they do not get fried often enough at all. Our prisons are packed and without much room, and filled with people who realistically do not even deserve jail sentences.

  • Yes, this sounds great.

    These misdemeanors that are nothing but a joke in this world should be left to slide because half the time, if not all the time, they offend no one. The police waste their time with traffic tickets when they should and could be preventing deaths from organized crime all over the place.

  • Yes, organized crime professionals think they are above the law.

    Organized crime syndicates have long been a problem in our country. They think they can get away with just about anything, and they usually have powerful people in their pockets for protection against criminal prosecution. It is utterly disgusting that they are allowed to just do what they like and go free.

  • There should be a balance, with specific tasks

    Crime is crime, and even when it seems minor, nipping it in the butt is a good way to stop the crimes from escalating. Stopping a criminal at a misdemeanor can prevent escalation. That being said, certain parts of a police task force should be dedicated to taking on different crimes and tackling different issues indepently, helping each other as possible.

  • Petty misdemeanors can snowball into felonies.

    Police are pursuing organized crime quite fiercely. Except, of course, in those corrupt departments where they're paid off by the Mafia. But petty misdemeanors have more impact on the daily lives of citizens, and require aggressive policing as well. If we don't take care of the little things, eventually we have big problems.

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