• It is necessary

    I believe that it is completely necessary in today's time to use racial profiling because, quite frankly, illegal immigration is, as stated in the title, illegal. Even though it is illegal, it still happens. About 1/2 of the Mexican population are here illegally. Racial profiling is simply paying closer attention to a specific race that may be more prone to committing crimes, not choosing a certain race to harass for no reason.

  • It could keep this country safe.

    Look, I am not racist and I don't think that all Islamic people are bad. I do however think that the United States is in danger of members from ISIS entering our country and planning a big attack. If local police would have background checks and things like them we wouldn't need to have as much fear of what could potentially happen. I don't think illegal immigration is a huge problem but I believe the United States could be in danger and racial profiling would be a way to ensure safety. Most of those who say "No" are most likely afraid of offending someone and being pegged as a racist. But I have news for you, political correctness is a joke and no matter what you say will offend someone. If a person enters this country law enforcement should do all they can to be sure that they are not a threat.

  • Racial Profiling illegal immigration

    I don't think that racial profiling would be right in how to face illegal immigration because it would then be a racist thing to do and you can single a person out due to the race they are. That issue will then go to court and someone will end up suing

  • No, racial profiling has to stop.

    No, the police should absolutely not use racial profiling to deal with illegal immigration problems. Not only should the police not use racial profiling, but it is no longer valid. The number of legal immigrants in the United States has increased dramatically over the last few years. I think we will reach a point where the white Caucasian will be the minority in this country.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe the police should use racial profiling to deal with illegal immigration problems. I believe this type of policy is unfair and it can lead to the harassment of citizens. I believe people suggest this because they aren't part of the group that would be racial profiled.

  • No, the police should not discriminate

    No, the police should not use racial profiling to deal with illegal immigration problems. The police exist to stop people from committing crimes regardless of their race or ethnic identity. Police that are allowed to profile are unjustly and wrongly focusing on one group for crimes instead of the population at large. Police also exist to protect people and should not interfere with citizens that are not actively/visibly breaking a law. I believe that illegal immigration arrests are costly and unproductive in the overall struggle against crime at large.

  • Racial profiling should never be used

    No, I do not believe that police should use racial profiling to deal with illegal immigration problems. Racial profiling will not solve the problem, it will mere make more problems. It is hard to discern between a Hispanic or other races that are similar, so in reality you will just stop any one who does not appear to be Caucasian.

  • The racial profiling NEVER

    It is just wrong that is not okay........ ; . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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