Should the police who investigated the Moses-EL case be charged for tampering with evidence?

  • Yes, Moses-EL has spent over 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

    The police that investigated the Moses-EL should be charged with tampering the evidence, as all recently discovered information seems to prove that they did. By tampering with the evidence, the police caused Moses-EL to be convicted of a crime that he did not commit. He has since served over 20 years in prison, when we was completely innocent.

  • Precedents need to be set for Police tampering

    The Police do not get to pick and choose who is guilty and who is innocent. If evidence has been tampered with, there needs to be accountability for this grave misconduct. Sexual assault is a serious issue in our society and the police need to be collecting and protecting evidence rather than picking and choosing what is appropriate and what is not. They do not get to decide. A judge and jury decide. These policemen acted inappropriately and this cannot be tolerated. Absolutely an investigatin should be done on these civil servants.

  • Why would you tamper with evidence in the first place?

    You're an officer of the law, when you wear that badge you are a role model, when children see you walking in the streets you're supposed to give them something to admire and be an example for the people you're supposed to protect. What police officer has any business tampering with evidence, especially since cops haven't exactly been popular for the good they've done as of late. Anybody else would be charged for tampering with evidence, that officer should be no exception, if they let him off the hook what's to stop another cop from doing the same, thinking back to this instance where a cop got away with it.

  • Investigate Twice If Need Be

    In such a high-profile case the need for scrutiny is even higher than normal. If the authorities let the police off on this one without a thorough and unbiased investigation, the people are just exposed to more similar instances in the future. Police accountability worldwide is falling to tragically low levels. People need to take decisive action.

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