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  • No, the political protestors against Trump should not be restrained.

    No, the political protestors against Trump should not be restrained. They should be allowed to protest as much as they want, as long as it remains peaceful. But police send in too many men with weapons, which results in chaos. Keep the police home and protestors will be as peaceful as possible.

  • No you should only restrain those who take it too far

    Everybody has a right to protest so therefore you shouldn't stop anybody from protesting. For those that take it too far and start to cause damage then they should be restrained and suitable punishment should be given to them in the courts. However freedom means that those peaceful political protestors can protest against Trump for as long as they want.

  • No, they should not, if they are not causing harm

    Political protestors against Trump have the right, guaranteed under the Constitution's First Amendment, to express their opinions without censure from the authorities. As long as the protestors demonstrate peacefully and do not incite violence, there is no legal or ethical basis to restrain them, regardless of the objective merit of their viewpoints.

  • No, they should not.

    The political protesters against Trump should not be restrained. This is because the protesters have the right to protest. The have grievances and they should have a voice to voice them. Trump on the other hand should listen carefully to their needs and demands to make things right or else they make it worse.

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