• Yes, he should.

    The pope should be allowed to resign if he wants because he gets old and the job may be a lot of stress for him. There could be several reasons he needs to resign so it would be kind of cruel or rude to force him into doing something he does not feel he can do anymore.

  • Yes he should.

    Yes, I think that the pope should be allowed to resign. I think that he should be able to resign just like anyone else holding a job is able to. Sometimes, there are reasons why you feel like you can't (or don't want to) do the job anymore, and resigning is the option that makes sense.

  • The Pope Should Most Certainly Be Allowed to Resign

    In so much, as with any other obligatory arrangement on this earth, the holder of that position, if for health or other reasons, feels they can no longer be of service in that capacity, they most assuredly “should” resign. To force someone to stay in a capacity they are unable to keep up the standards of, is totally defeatist to the entity they are a part of.

  • Yes, the pope should be allowed to resign.

    Well, he did, didn't he? I think if he feels his health is preventing him from doing his job, it should be his decision to retire. No man should be forced to serve as the leader of a church until he dies. I would hate to think anyone could live to their nineties and be senile, yet they still are in charge of something so powerful.

  • The papacy is sacred.

    No, the pope should not be allowed to just resign. The papacy is bestowed upon him by God. This is a very serious undertaking. To resign and "quit" would be a disgrace to God and the flock he shepherds. Even when Pope John Paul II's health was seriously declining, he still carried out his duties given to him by God.

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