Should The Pope Be Recommending Contraceptive Use, Even To Stop The Spread Of The Zika Virus?

  • Of course BIG YES!

    During the time of Galileo when he said that the earth is not the center of the universe( or supported copernicus) which in fact we believe is the sun today. The church was so stubborn to believe and accused him of heresy and jailed him! Its not wrong to use the technology today and use it for the welfare of the people; if thats one BIG help in controlling Zika, why not?

  • Finally, a Pope with common sense.

    I don't agree with Pope Francis on every issue, but I appreciate his willingness to consider science and to consider reality. Spreading a disease is not in any way pro-creation. In fact, it can have a destructive effect. It is important for the religious to frame things realistically rather than by their tenets and ideals. I think the Pope's pragmatism can do a lot of good for religion and help us seek a greater meaning and a greater good.

  • Protect unborn children

    The Pope is amazingly versatile and open in his views. He is no doubt a devout Catholic who believes whole-heartedly in his faith and his church. However, he is also smart enough to know that there are real risks involved with the Zika virus. The Pope understands that we have an obligation to protect our children, unborn or not, from these risks, and contraception is the best way to this at this time.

  • He should be recommending it always

    The population in Catholic countries is out of control. That would be okay if those countries were prosperous but they are not. It's not right that the Pope should only recommend contraceptives to prevent the Zika virus from spreading. He has a duty to protect those families who don't use contraceptives, he should prevent them from falling deeper into poverty. The guy needs to wake up and see what an out of control birth rate is doing to countries.

  • If you don't want babies don't spread your legs apart

    If people are so scared about zika virus then they should not spread their legs apart. COntraceptives often don't work and therefore nothing is more effective than pure abstinence. People should be encouraged to abstain instead of running around uncontrollably but no they can still do that because they have contraceptives right?

  • Contraception always a moral evil

    From the Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen " The root principle of birth-control is unsound. It is the glorification of the means and a contempt of the end; it says that the pleasure which is a means to the procreation of children is good, but the children themselves are no good. In other words, to be logical, the philosophy of birth-control would commit us to a world in which trees were always blooming but never giving fruit, a would full of sign-posts that were leading nowhere. In this cosmos every tree would be a barren fig tree and for that reason would have upon it the curse of God"

  • No, the Pope shouldn't offer contraceptive use.

    Although I do not agree with the Catholic life, I do not believe that the Pope should offer contraceptive use or even support it.
    If the Pope supports contraceptives then he is sub-supporting sex before marriage, which is against the rules of the Catholic religion. As big of an inspiration and role model as the Pope is, he should follow his religion to a T in order to proper lead his people in their Catholic ways.
    The Pope shouldn't use the "Zika virus" as an excuse for many reasons. One of which is that the Zika virus is not the cause of birth defects seeing as the virus has been present for years. Using the virus to justify his choice to support contraceptives only demonstrates to his followers that as long as they justify their sins or wrong actions with a good, meaningful reason then it is okay to do it.

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