• The Pope Resign

    I personally think that During the persecution of Christians under Emperor Maximinus Thrax, St. Pontian was exiled to Sardinia and condemned to work in the salt mines, which no one was meant to survive. Therefore, he resigned as pope on Sept. 28, 235, to enable the election of a new pope, St. Anteros, who could govern the Church. Pope St. Pontian was martyred in 236 , either from ill treatment in general or from a mortal beating.

  • The Pope should not resign from his current role.

    The Pope should not resign from his current role. The Pope is the highest member of the Catholic church and is an important figure head to all Catholics. The current Pope has not done anything to warrant a resignation. Apart from scandal there is no reason for the Pope to resign.

  • He absolutely shouldn't

    This pope has earned so much respect from so many people that rarely even acknowledge the position, why would he resign? He's doing more for the church than any other pope in my lifetime, he's the first one that seems interested in living in the same century as the rest of the world. He's great for the church, I hope his tenure is long.

  • He should not

    No, the pope does not need to resign from what he is doing now. He spent his entire life working to get where he is at, and he does not need to step down since he is doing a very good job in leading the Catholic church as it is.

  • No, the Pope is fine where he is.

    The Pope was selected for a reason and he is fine where he is. If others that do not belong to the religion believe he should be ousted from his role they need to think twice. The Pope has a very minor role in politics, and today is a mere political figure on television.

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