Should the possession of guns and/or any other weapon be legalized?

  • The Black Market Exists.

    I would just like to start off with the mind set of someone who wishes to mug, rob, or murder. They are usually not wanting a fight. They want an easy target. If someone is carrying a gun for self protection and someone else attempts to mug them, they will be very surprised to have the person fight back. If more people were to have a conceal and carry then I can promise that the crime rate will go down. The argument that "If we stop selling weapons then the bad guy will not be able to purchase a weapon." is quite possibly the most ignorant thing that could ever be argued. The Black Market does exist. How do you think people get drugs? From people on the streets. So how would someone buy a gun? The same way they have for years, off the streets. I honestly can't even comprehend why this is even an argument that we have. It is written in the Constitution, The Right To Bear Arms. Trying to take away or weapons is trying to take our constitutional right.

  • Guns and Other Weapons Should Be Legalized

    Yes, the possession and ownership of guns and other weapons should be legalized, at least in the US. In the US, the 2nd Ammendment to the Constitution grants the right to bear arms in order to protect onesel and one's family, thus ownership of guns and other weapons should be allowed.

  • Weapon possession is a right everyone should have

    The typical argument against owning a weapon is flimsy at best. This argument claims that the more people own weapons, the more violence will result. This is simply not true. Weapon ownership actually curbs violence, as the criminal will be wary of committing a crime against somebody who could easily injure them. Criminals can find a way to purchase guns and weapons even if they are illegal to own, so the only correct decision about this issue is to allow citizens to freely posses them.

  • Why on earth should they be

    I say no because a lot of people us guns/other weapons to kill other people. Take fasgas for example they get robbed every year at leas once EVERY YEAR so that is why I say no to should weapons be legle and why do you say yes if you do because it is crazy that it is. Because they can and do do a lot of very bad stuff.

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