Should the Premier League use goal-line technology?

  • Yes they should use goal-line technology.

    I think that it is time now for the Premier League to use goal-line technology, especially since it has evolved so much over the years. Too many goals can be too close to call, and with this type of technology it will dramatically help referees make the right calls for whether it was a goal or not.

  • Yes, the premier league should use goal-line technology

    The Premier League recently announced that it would begin using goal-line technology provided by Hawk-Eye beginning next year. This camera-based technology will indicate to referees when a goal has been scored. As the entire premise of the game is to win by scoring goals, higher quality measurement will improve the integrity of the game and remove the potential for game-changing human errors.

  • Get it done

    As a disclaimer, I hate soccer. I hate it a lot. It's a great amateur sport, the people that play it professionally are the biggest group of disgraceful whiny babies on the planet. That said, if you like the game, you should want technology in place that eliminates all doubt. Soccer is very, very corrupt, this is not opinion, this is a statement that cannot be disputed. If you have technology saying the ball went in, how are they going to rig that?

  • I think so!

    I was a soccer player and now a parent of my daughter who plays soccer and I believe this technology is great. It would eliminate referee bias and it would make the game of soccer fair. I have seen so many referees make horrible calls because they do not like a team or a coach. This would be very beneficial to everyone who loves soccer.

  • Keep it original!

    One of the beautiful things about the game soccer is how it is one of those sports that stayed the same all through history. Introducing technology will not only disregard the referee (again failing traditional football) but will also make the game a fight. If everything gets so technical, the game will get more so as well.

  • No goal-line technology makes soccer unique

    If goal-line technology is added to soccer, then now we just have another basketball, football, or tennis on our hands. Part of the game is that now every decision the ref makes is right, but it is a game of respect and etiquette for the officials. They are good enough to not have to look at a computer a thousand times before making a disputed call. Keep the game beautiful.

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