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  • No the President should not.

    The President should not aid Syria as it is its own battle that is going on, and by the U.S. interfering it will create a brand new set of enemies that will spite the U.S. for trying to help. A majority of the time the countries that the U.S. helps, the people of the country do not approve of such actions.

  • No Government aid beyond US borders.

    There are hundreds of countries that could use assistance, they are starving, or war torn, hit by natural disasters, countries lacking finances. Unfortunately, we are also a country without means, and our complete focus should be on pulling ourselves together as a country. Our armed forces right now should be solely concentrated on protecting our borders, and our government aid should be used to assist our citizens. Once we become a solid country again we can once again aid other countries, until then we need to focus on America lest it cease to be.

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