Should the president have a stricter law on guns in america?

Asked by: shania786
  • I agree on this opinion.

    I agree that we need strong gun laws. Problem is, WE ALREADY HAVE GUN LAWS. They have existed since guns them selves were created by the Chinese to fend off the moguls. The other problem is that the system doesn't enforce ANY LAWS! If gun laws were enforced when a criminal does something with them, they'd go to prison a lot longer. So we don't need more gun laws, we simply need to enforce the ones that already exist, because every new gun law the liberals create reinforces the idea that guns are bad, ultimately leading to the banning of guns everywhere.

  • Guns are part of the problem and it's stupid, if not highly dishonest, to argue otherwise.

    No other Western country sees a higher rate of its citizens die due to gun violence every year than USA. Need for stricter laws are long over-due in order to save lives. No one needs to own a gun. If no one has guns, including criminals, then no one dies by gun and no mass shootings. It should be made almost impossible for mass shootings t occur through stricter gun-ownership laws, and it should be illegal for anyone with a criminal/mental-health record to own and use a gun of any description. Tackling serious and varied social problems in the US should also be part of the solution.

  • Yes we should have stricter laws.

    Nothing too drastic, simply has greater regulations on those selling firearms, as well on who can buy them. The main focus should be on making sure that all firearms are sold legally as to try and reduce the number of guns on the black market as well as making sure that people who buy the firearms know how to use them.

  • Guns are Not the Problem

    And even if they were, it would not be the President's power to regulate our second amendment rights. But that's not even the point, guns are clearly not the problem, and passing tighter gun legislation will not deter any crime.

    Famous actor Samuel L. Jackson said it perfectly. "I don't think it's about more gun control. I grew up in the South with guns everywhere and we never shot anyone. This [Newtown shooting] is about people who aren't taught the value of life."

  • Oh the liberals

    If you illegalize guns, criminals will just use something else, Like, kitchen knives, rocks, spears, swords, etc. They have been using weapons other than guns ever since the beginning of time, illegalizing guns will only make them go ahead and use something else, that is assuming that the criminals will not get guns, guns would not be accessible legally, but illegally they would, who has access to illegal things? CRIMINALS!

  • Owners, Not Guns

    I don't think that the laws on guns are really the problem. The laws need to prosecute gun owners, and gun users. Laws on guns only really affect the manufacturers.

    But if you were to implement a policy that raises the standards of gun usage, while simultaneously encouraging protection, then you'd see a much different pool of gun owners. If, say, you had to have a CWP to own a handgun, and put in place strict punishments for breaking that law, this would arguably be much more effective than just restricting magazine size, or banning semi-autos.

    For Example: As part of the NC CWP process, you are fingerprinted, screened for any health issues, and background checked for criminal history. Doing this for all handgun owners would weed out a lot of unfit gun users, and make it much more difficult to get away with a gun crime.

  • Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

    I have 2 reasons that completely outlawing guns will hurt America more than it will help
    1. First of all be completely casting away one of America's founding constitutional rights, set by our founding fathers for the specific reason of defending our homes and property from domestic threats and in the case of a corrupt government. Think about Nazi Germany and how Hitler seized power so easily. All people owning guns where listed and had their guns taken from them to provide "public safety". In actuality Hitler used these to identify threats to his regime and quickly found all those who would oppose him in Germany. The gun laws in Germany started out as a good idea but where quickly used as a tool for evil.
    2. Like my supporting headline says, people kill people. I agree that more extensive background checks should be issued to all those wishing to purchase a fire arm, because many people who have mental illnesses that cause them to kill others can acquire guns too easily. Criminals on the other hand get most of their guns illegally anyways, so no matter what even if you ban guns they will still find access to them.
    To conclude banning guns wont solve anything. If a child where to hit a child with a toy in a daycare would you get rid of all the toys? No you would teach the child not to, or take the toys from them. The same applies to guns. Just because some people use guns for malintent it doesn't mean that all should not be allowed to take gun's

  • Congress' jurisdiction not president

    Regardless of whether there should be more or less gun control, the basis of the question is moot. The president cannot legally give executive order on gun control. It is the role of congress to make laws and president to execute those laws. The supreme court keeps the other two in check.

  • Any one who proposes gun control should be shot

    Every man woman child and pet in America should be issued a fully automatic handgun and an assault rifle and undergo an obligatory intensive training course in their use and maintenance, as well as training in urban warfare and battlefield tactics. Each citizen should further be required to train with the weapons at neighborhood firing ranges at least once a month, and to pass yearly proficiency exams. If anyone challenges you to a duel, for whatever reason, you must agree to it. This plan would make America safe again,

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