Should the president of Mizzou have resigned amid the controversy over race relations at the school?

  • President of Missou resignation necessary for campus to heal

    Tim Wolfe's resignation came after a hunger strike, and threats by the football team not to play or practice until his resignation. The situation has to have become unbearable for minority students if they felt these steps necessary to get action at the school. Even the faculty was concerned that the situation was growing out of control. While race relations cannot be the responsibility of one man, the President of any organization can set a tone, and leadership (or lack thereof) can be strongly influential.

  • Resignation necessary due to inaction

    Tim Wolfe willing resigned due to many students demands. It has been indicated in news reports that there were too many incidents of racial issues not being addressed. If Tim Wolfe was aware of these issues and did not take action to unify the campus as well as correct the injustices, then he was not doing his job appropriately. If somone is unable to perform their obligations and ignore the needs of who they serve, then they should take responsibility and remove theirselves.

  • What could he have done

    From what I've herd the events that lead to it was when a African american student was called the n word by a passing truck, a swastika was drawn on a stall in the bathroom in human feces, and a white student got on a stage and started say racial slurs.
    What could the president do two of these incidents were over what two individuals said he cant hunt down people and remove them due to what they said because we live in a country that supposedly supports free speech you may not agree with what they had to say but they had every right to say it. The swastika i don't know what you want him do hunt down some vandal and waste the college money to ruin somebody's life. But never mind what i think i'm white and male so my point of view doesn't mean shit apparently. So that's my view

  • Mizzou president should have apologized and ameliorated

    I do not believe the president of Mizzou should have resigned. Doing so is an admission of his complacency towards racial discrimination. Regardless of whether or not his termination was imminent, he should have used his remaining time to make up for his previous inaction. By resigning he has only further disgraced himself and the University.

  • The Missouri University President should not have resigned.

    While the actions of the Mizzou administration have fallen under the microscope of public scrutiny the president should not have resigned. As a liberal and fighter of racial injustices I find the resignation troubling as no longer is a person granted due process, a person just gets accused and forced into losing a job all by mob action.

  • Misinterpretation is most probable

    It was most likely an attempt to be impartial so as not to seem as though he was censoring nor defending racist outfits. If I were the head, I would have made them change/formally and publically apologise, but he was most likely trying to be unbiased so he didn't seem to be forcing his beliefs on the students.

  • No, he should not have resigned

    Threats or demands by a group of students should not have resulted in the resignation of the president. What gives this group of students the right to force the whole of the University to follow their desired path ? Who are they to say that their way is best for the whole University? Why couldn't they have asked for more meaningful dialog ? Did these students learn the art of conversation , negotiation and compromise? I don't think so.

  • No, he's a spineless capitulating coward.

    Robert Tracinskii "-"The Mizzou case, along with others like it, raises a question about whether our institutions of higher learning even deserve to exist—not because they are really “systemically racist,” which no one actually believes, but because of their inability to assert any kind of rational response to the student agitators."

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