• He should, but he won't.

    The president of the United States is very clearly on a path to ban certain guns, while mandating a registration on others. To answer the question of, 'Should he stop?' there are two different points of view I can come from here. There is the view of a government (that right about now looks tyrannical) that would love to have total control. Total control can't be accomplished unless the people have no defenses. The second amendment gives us that defense to stand up to big government. The second amendment also gives us the ability to protect our freedoms from all threats, foreign or domestic, so what does that tell you about those that want to limit that right? From the stance of a citizen living in a free country, yes the president should stop gun control because it is a right, and since rights are not given from government, they have no right to limit them. Rights come from God, and cannot be touched by any army or any government.

  • Dont outlaw guns, CONTROL.

    The key word here is CONTROL, not outlaw and not ban completely. Yes, criminals break laws and people will still be able to get a hold of guns, but it WILL be harder. The average citizen doesnt need to be carrying a gun around because the average citizen isnt equipped to. At work i have had people get furious because we were out of printer ink....PRINTER INK. That same person could get cut off while drivng and in a moment of anger pull out their gun that the second amendment allows them to and shoot the 'baby on board' car in front of them. Better control to keep the weapons that belong in warzones out of the streets, better restrictions to make sure only people with sound minds get WEAPONS THAT CAN KILL PEOPLE. It is not a ban on guns, just something to make the public safer, we should all be able to get on that

  • Registered Responsible Owners

    Guns MUST be controlled. To require registration and insurance on a car, an accidental weapon, but not on REAL weapons that are maliciously dangerous to society, is insanity.
    There is no reason why we shouldn't have some limitation on guns. Our 2nd amendment is based on the idea that our nation does not have an active military. Since the Marines are actually our organized militia, there is no reason why we should be having this debate to begin with.

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