• Presidential nominating conventions should be abolished.

    There is no need for presidential nominating conventions anymore. Both parties already know who their nominee will be before the convention. Today, they are a waste of time and no one likes to watch them. Candidates never commuicate any new information at the conventions, but they just restate what they have already said.

  • It's time to change.

    I think that it's probably high time for the presidential nominating conventions to be abolished. Our primary system does a fine job giving voters the power to choose who they want to run for President. Like the electoral college, the conventions are from an era before we had technology in place. The delegate system is no longer required.

  • They are fun.

    No, presidential nominating conventions should not be abolished, because they are fun to watch on tv. It is fun to see all the stars and political leaders come out for the convention. The conventions also give an endless amount of comedic material for the Daily Show to work off of.

  • No, I don't think Presidential nominating conventions should be abolished.

    I think the convention is a great event where the entire political party gets to unite behind the person they have elected to carry their parties flag in a President election and hold a great celebration to that extent, I think overall these conventions have roots back to the founding of the Country and should continue into the future.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe the presidential nominating conventions should be abolished. I believe our election processes work, we just don't have enough parties. I think we need more and varied representation. I think the two party system is the source of the problem, not the way we go about doing things.

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