• Hold them accountable.

    Far too often, the media abuses it's position then hides behind the 1st amendment. Problem is, far too many people take what is said in the media as fact. Thing is, drama is the media's bread an butter. The more conversational, the better the story with little if any regard to actual truth. A fairly recent example of this was the Michael Brown shooting. Because of how the media covered the story, the officer, who was just doing his job, lost everything. He should be able to sue the media that played judge, jury, and executioner. This is not an isolated nor new practice. Look at the McMartin preschool trial of the 1980's. Even tho much of their loss was due to attorney fees, the media coverage of the trial also meant that they would never work in child care again. Today, we have the same thing as well. The media is constantly pushing speculation over fact. Clearly, we need to make the media accountable when their actions are knowingly reckless.

  • Yes they should

    I think that the press be government should be controlled ok because we need to protect our children and teens from inappropriate apps ok and yes I think that the press should be controlled by the government ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok ok bye bye

  • Freedom of speech is sacred.

    Freedom of speech, in the United States of America, is the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint. Making the media government controlled would open the way to politicians censoring or restricting the free press, and pressing up against the people's right of free speech. Government control would open pandora's box.

  • Of course not.

    If it is, the government will obviously just make the media put out positive stories about the administration while ignoring criticism. No medium of information should be controlled, as it is important for people to hear all sides to be able to make informed decisions and form educated opinions on a subject.

    Posted by: Voly
  • What is the purpose of the press then?

    The purpose of the press is to have freedom of speech. It's so that everyone can see different perspectives. So we can see the outside world. So we are not under some kind of illusion of how amazing our government is. If government controls the press, whats the point? The press would just be another tool, another government manipulation.

  • We need freedom of speech

    There would be not free speech with a government controlled press. A government controlled press would show their people what they want to show them, It would be pure propaganda, Such as North Korean press, Where it is purely controlled by the government. Opinions from the people are invalid and restricted. We would also not know what's really going on and what is really factual.

  • We deserve the truth.

    If the government controls the press, how do we know what’s real and what’s fake? If we’re uninformed, we cannot form our own opinions or understand the world around us. To grow as people, we need knowledge and understanding in world affairs and culture, but we cannot grow and change if we’re living in an 1984-esque world where the truth and our understanding of the government is distorted. Because of this, it’s essential that the press isn’t left to the government.

  • Where would the public get their information about the government?

    Whilst the media often offers a distorted view of reality, it cannot be said that newspapers, magazines, and web articles do not portray a hint of the truth. It may seem as though every news story is skewed one way or the other, the underlying message is still there. For example, a news story on, say, President Trump meeting with Putin could be covered completely different ways by different magazines. If one is a majority democratic, they may show Trump in a contrasting view of the other, who may happen to be republican. Regardless, the issue they're on opposing sides of is still the same. I highly doubt the government is going to be willing to tell the public of all of their mistakes and bad decisions like the press does.

  • This is a no brainier.

    Government control is almost always a bad thing. However, the press should not be allowed to intentionally lie to the people. I realize that Florida's Supreme Court disagrees with me but they are wrong. The first amendment should not cover intentionally lying to the people. We should be able to trust the press to report facts...All facts. We need to start purging the opinion reporting as well.

  • Doing so would somewhat defeat the purpose of the press.

    Firstly, freedom of speech. Everyone has a right to express their opinion, no matter how bizarre it is as there has to be some truth in it. Doing so also provides a learning opportunity(how the falseness of press lies is cringe). It is not like you can spin off a complete lie. It is near impossible. There is some truth in every article, no matter how much the truth has been twisted or deviated from. Secondly, if government can control the press, you are just inviting them for propaganda. Sure, you might have a in corrupt government. But think about it. Is it really worth the risk. Also, corruptness in the government, that might normally be included in press articles may be excluded.

  • Freedom of Speech

    It's the First Amendment to the Constitution for a reason. In other countries, there is no freedom of speech but just state propaganda. In fact, even in countries where there is freedom of speech, the press are killed for exposing heinous crimes committed by people who have absolute power over the the public. In the Philippines for example, there are towns where elections are bought so a person can keep misappropriating public funds for their own use, people who have private armies that terrorize and force people so they can keep perpetuating their misuse of power. Don't know who said it but absolute power corrupts absolutely, there has to be checks and balances, government officials are elected to serve the people, not the other way around where they use their office for their own benefit.

  • They need more regulation though

    I agree with others here that the state shouldn't own the press as it may lead to a conflict of interest, But the press is highly biased which pretty much amounts to the same thing! There should be a law that ALL media is impartial. I know these comments are from the USA, But in the UK we had an awful example of the biased press in the UK during our election campaign. Basically the printed press said that EVERYTHING Boris did was good and that EVERYTHING Corbyn would do would be dreadful. . . . The truth lies somewhere in the middle. They always printing negative stories about the EU for decades (never printing the positives), So it was no surprise that this would influence people's thoughts and hence, Led to the Brexit vote.

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