Should the principle of majority rule outweigh the principle of minority rights?

  • That goes without question

    Ultimately, might makes right. At any moment the majority can take power by force if it is mistreated. To avoid this the rules should favour them. Minorities schould be content to be tolerated and not actively oppressed. Asking for any special rights or treatment is insulent and also not realistically possible.

  • Yes, because majority rule doesn't exclude minority rights.

    Minority doesn't mean underdog or downtrodden. It literally means the smaller number or part, especially a number that is less than half the whole number. The whole reason democracy was needed was that the minority was making the rules for the majority. People who were in smaller number were dictating what the greater number was allowed to do in relation to their specific likes and dislikes. All rights should be universal but the minority should not get to dictate the rules.

  • The majority is more right

    Even our government is set up to support the majority being right. That's makes democracy work. Even the president who has veto power has been given that power by the majority not by the minority. If you allow the minority to be right long enough the majority will rid themselves of the minority.
    The majority should consider the opinions of the minority but by definition, the majority are more right for the given culture they are in.

  • Yes, majority should rule.

    I definitely think that the principle of majority rule should outweigh the principle of minority rights. I think that while it is important to be able to hear every side of an issue and argument, the principle of majority rule should be more important. If it isn't, then it is a breach of the principle of Democracy.

  • Aren't minorities also citizens?

    When does a person become a minority or a majority?When his/her language or religion or political ideology is not acceptable by all.A nation on the other hand should treat and respect the citizens irrespective of their division,therefore the views of majority should not outweigh the views of minorities. Anyone can become a minority overnight.For nobody is born majority or minority.

  • Minority Rights is Right

    I am doing a school project on this topic, and I am siding with minority rights. A majority may have more people behind it, but a minority has more power. In recent events, my argument can be validated. Just because there are more people behind a cause,it does not make the cause correct, or right. Morally, or politically.

  • Minority is terrible

    It just is. I'm 13, it doesn't matter. And in all honesty, most laws should work for everyone, not just the people who matter. The common person deserves equal treatment, and this can only happen, if the government makes laws that work for everyone, including the common person. That's all i'm saying.

  • Anyone can become a minority.

    The founding fathers were correctly concerned about minority rights in founding America. A majority is a changing group and one may be with the majority on many issues, but disagree on others, and thee can be a tyranny of the majority. Hence the reason it is important for the judiciary to be immune from political will.

  • No, America protects minority groups

    Many people originally came to America because they were a minority and were being persecuted because of it. Everyone is given certain rights that are protected under the Constitution. A majority rule can't simply override these rights. This is the reason that the Constitution was written to begin with anyways,

  • That would be awful.

    Majority rule is a terrible way to do anything most of the time, as a lot of the time what the majority wants is completely stupid. At one point in the United States history the majority of people wanted slavery, so if you say yest to this then you are pretty much okay with things like slavery being possible.

  • Majority v. Minority rule

    In some circumstances minority rights should be given more consideration. Same-sex marriage is an excellent example: Heterosexuals, the majority are able to marry, but not homosexuals, the minority. It is unfair to deny the minority population the same rights that the majority have. All humans are worthy of equal moral consideration.

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