Should the private lives of famous people be off limits to the media?

Asked by: kensleigh6
  • The private lives of celebrities should be off-limits.

    This is because they are only just human. They have their own lives that don’t need people looking into. If they are famous for singing, acting or modelling, they might just like their job, that doesn’t give people the right to invade their privacy. Some celebrities are very private with their lives in front of the media because they don’t feel the need for people to know. People should respect that not everyone likes people invading their privacy.

  • I do think there lives should be off limits

    Through the years there have been thousands of famous celebrities, But through these years the question of should there lives be private or not has come up many times. People say no, that's the life they chose and some say yes they should have the same privacy as us. I agree with people that say that they say the celebrities should have the same benefits as us, instead of being followed and harassed by reporters and fans. Furthermore some people don't leave their favorite celebrity alone either and that's why they need privacy. Finally, just because they are a celebrity and are on that path doesn't give people the right to call them out and say stuff and for fans to harass them.
    First off Celebrities have families and they have a right to keep them away from the cameras and media. In our life we go to our job in the mornings go to lunch and come home to dinner and to spend time with our family, guess what celebrity do, go to work like on a movie set or in a sports team, and they do there jobs and eat lunch and go home to there family but they get followed and harassed before they go home.
    In addition I know some people just want to see their favorite sports or movie actor but sometimes they need privacy. In our society there are the people that are nice and just go up to their favorite celebrity and say hi and I love your show, but then you have the people that go up and jump on them and will never leave them alone to where it get to a dangerous point.
    Some people try to argue that it's the life they chose, but they didn't chose that life they worked for it and they got good at their talents, Take Lebron James for instance. Everyone knows him because he one of the best NBA basketball player to ever live and a lot of people love him but he worked for that career, but that doesn't give you the right to go mess with him or go break into his house trying to ask him questions, which has happened.

  • They are just another person

    They should have their privacy. They aren't just some big time, perfect person. They have something they need to hid. It;s really not far to them and if we don't give them their privacy then we will pay for it. Do you want your private life invaded. Think of all the embarrassing things you have.

  • It's their life

    How would you like it if you were watched and followed for every single action, word or step you take? How would you feel if you were trapped and consistently put up for display for other peoples entertainment like a flipping zoo animal!? Though they chose this life, it doesn't give people a right to butt in or involve themselves in their own personal lives.

  • Celebrities deserve to have their private life PRIVATE to the public

    Famous celebrities private life should be off limits to the media because their life is personal to themselves and the people they care about, not to social media. Besides a celebrity could have a stalker! Plus famous people are just normal people there's not really that much things about them which makes them special to the social media. There just like regular people but are popular among millions of people, there life should be within themselves, friends and family not to the public! They did choose this lifestyle but doesn't mean we are allowed to know there own personal life.

  • They deserve their privacy

    You, a sum what "normal" human being get the choice on whether the whole world gets to know what you were doing at 8pm but not celebrities. Paparazzi following them around everywhere. People need to understand that sure they probably thought it was great at the start"O look at me the whole world wants to know what I ate for breakfast" but the truth is we all know after a while they get sick of it. GIVE THEM SOME SPACE

  • It all depends

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  • It all depends.

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  • Do you like privacy

    Image you a celebrity sitting at the table and the night before you were out with your friends drunk yes drunk you did some pretty stupid things well you grab the news paper and look your the front page now if you were a normal person you would not be on the front page nobody know only a few people

  • Real celebrities deserve the same privacy rights we all get. But not all are celebs.

    Real Celebrity Staus is achieved only when we the "commoners" enjoy that "craft" or, what they are doing to entertain us which makes us enjoy or feel good for a bit. So we demand more from them. They do more, getting better gigs honing their craft to perfection, more airtime, for us. We now have made them famous, (cause and effect) for their improvements and entertainment skills. Now we want to know more about them. Interviews on talk shows, the comments made about their beliefs overheard by commentator are in the news, or their choices on clothes in magazines, for some reason we care for and need to know all these things. We tell them we envy and look up to them and that we compare lives, inspire us or we tell them We love them. Which brings the paparazzi in for secret pics and lack of privacy They've worked like we do, some harder, to get paid. We chose these people, put them in the stratosphere, by letting them entertain us and asking for more. So hell YES they deserve the privacy and the right to it where ever they roam. Our Government officials and those who take our money and create laws and loopholes to get around other laws are who we should be wanting to know all about. They are controlling us by limiting the truth on issues and giving us only yes or no voting rights. No voting on going to war, or modifying a law, or even asking us about what we think about climate changes regarding changing our ways. We may want to but they do not. But we get nothing but put off. We let them do this. Why aren't they paparazzi'd so we truly know what goes on at night with our tax money??

  • Small price to pay

    They chose this life, so it's their fault. They could do something so that the media cannot chase after them and enter into their personal life. When they allow their lives to be public, it is every aspect that becomes open to the public. The celebrities have to realize that. It's a small price to pay for being rich and having people worship you.

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