• Yes, I think it should

    If they did, that's less money the public sector has to spend. I don't think the government has it in its budget right now to push these kinds of matters. If dependency can be solved over time, through the private sector, government spending can be diverted to paying back our dreaded deficit.

  • No one sector should be responsible for such a monumental global crisis as energy dependancy

    The ultimate responsibility for eliminating energy dependency should be a joint responsibility between the private and public sectors as well as the United States Government. There should be a team effort and massive communication efforts at play to completely wean this country off of Foreign Oil supplies and make us reliant on homegrown energy!

  • No, it should not be

    Eliminating energy dependency should be a government thing, and enforced by the government. As far as the public sector is concerned, if there were incentives to eliminate energy dependency, that would go a long way in aiding the federal government in getting its job done, and this would be a great approach.

  • No, I don't think the private sector should be resonsibile for eliminating energy dependency.

    With alternative energy sources very unprofitable right now overall I think it's the responsibility of the Government to provide tax and other incentives to get the private sector to start developing and utilizing these technologies, you can't expect a business to try to run a business in a market that is very unprofitable so there does need to be help from the Government.

  • No, the private sector shouldn't be responsible for eliminating energy dependency.

    I do not believe that the private sector should be responsible for eliminating energy dependency. I think that such a task should be the responsibility of every citizen and company in a country like the United States. Without the help and cooperation, it is not a problem that can be solved.

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