Should the process of fracturing rock to obtain oil and natural gas be banned in the United States?

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  • No, it is safe.

    No, the process of fracturing rock to obtain oil and natural gas should not be banned in the United States, because the process i much safer than people think. Environmentalists have painted fracking as extremely dangerous in order to impose their environmental agenda on people who are not as informed on the issue. But it is a good option for those looking for good, inexpensive energy.

  • No, This Process Is an Economic Blessing

    Fracking, fracturing rock to extract oil and gas, is great for America’s economy.
    North Dakota is one of many areas enjoying boom times thanks to fracking.
    Young people there are staying home, after decades of moving away to find work.
    The fossil fuel production that provides these high-paying jobs is saving America
    from having to depend on world markets for energy. Energy money is staying in
    the United States,and filling American pockets. We need to worry about pollution
    caused by the process. Yet the economic benefits are so great that we can
    afford to spend money on protecting the environment.

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