Should the process of immigration be more selective?

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  • I believe that immigration should be more selective so that it doesn't damage our economy

    I believe that immigration is not being properly controlled as it has started to have a negative effect on the UK’s economy. For example, many immigrants are taking advantage of government funded benefits, and coming to the UK for free health care like the NHS. Therefore, I believe that immigration should be more selective and certain precautions should be put in place to ensure that the people being let into the UK will benefit our economy. For example, we could introduce the same system as Australia, so that immigrants who are not refugees or asylum seekers would only be accepted into Britain if they were qualified to do certain jobs, which the UK are currently struggling to fill. Also, we could check people’s background to make sure they do not have a criminal record, so that there is less likely to be an increase in crime rates due to immigration.

  • Immigration should be more selective

    In my opinion, immigration should be more selective for the safety of the country, but it should only be selective in a way that is fair. For example, people may enter the country to harm it, and obviously people will not want them letting into the country. In that case, I think these people should be investigated and prevented from entering as best as possible, no matter how hard that might be.
    Some people come here to use the free services and claim benefits, which I believe is fine as long as they really need them and are trying to get a job and trying to fend for themselves, and are giving something back to the country. It only gets unfair when they come here and claim money that the people here worked hard for and don’t attempt to get a job or help themselves. Therefore, I believe they should only be allowed to live in the country if they are definitely going to get a job, or at least try to get one.
    However, when people come here to escape danger, then I think that is acceptable. Coming here could save their lives, and I think the UK should be willing to accept refugees and even pay for them while they get back on their feet, because it isn’t their fault their country is at war or too dangerous to live in. Although it costs money to keep them safe, it really benefits their lives and that is a really good thing to do. As long as they can eventually work and help the country with the economy, if they decide to stay afterwards, and do not claim benefits and free health care while doing nothing themselves, then I think it is fine that they come here and they deserve a better life. It is within their rights to go where they want and do what they want as long as they are being fair and not harming anyone. I think at the moment people are being allowed to come here and do nothing but claim benefits, and I think it should be controlled more. Therefore, I personally believe that immigration should be more selective, depending on the person’s motive for coming here.

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