Should the production and sale of cigarettes be made illegal?

  • Should be illegal

    It causes damage to the environment and to the health of an individual! And not only to the smoker but it affects the health of other people surrounding him/her, i.E passive smokers! It should be made illegal!!! Its also a waste of money!! Should create awareness of effects of smoking!!

  • They are deadly

    The world would be a less deadly place if people would put down the cigarettes instead of paying people to kill you. When people smoke cigarettes they don't just harm themselves the harm the people and community around them. I say no to drugs and that includes cigarettes. If you think it is cool to smoke then you are wrong, it is practically saying it is cool to kill yourself slowly and painfully.

  • Should be illegal

    Terrible creation called cigarettes

    The production must be stopped before those burning cancer sticks kill the American society, face it. Its a pointless creation thats kills almost as much as 3 deadly diseases combined.
    People need to open their eyes to see they are killing themselves and others with second hand smoke, my question is why they started making something that will kill you or ruin your insides

  • Why its bad and what it can do to you?

    Smoking can lead to lung cancer, facial effects and you can end up with a whole in your neck. Once you inhale that cigarette your hole life changes. It changes by the way people look at you and the influence it brings on to other children and adults. If people who smoke don't want children to smoke I say, "How about you throw down that cigarette your smoking and set a good example to children like me"!? This can change your hole life, right back to the regular life you had. Its your decision, you think about it.

  • No to cigarettes

    Why would anyone want to create cigarettes let alone inhale the smell. People die because of inhaling the fumes and of course just by smoking. Smoking can give u yellow teeth and skin. And also make u smell. If u smoke, I consider that u think again and again. Ok?

  • Smoking is bad

    By smoking you can die from cancer 450,000 people die each year from smoking those cancer sticks. If you want to keep living the way you are you are stupid! Do you guys realize that you are spending $5,000 on cigarettes each year and making the environment horrible im just tired of you people I thew up once because of the smell

  • Smoking is bad!!!!!!!!!!

    The cigarette is the deadliest object in the history of human civilization. Cigarettes kill about 6 million people every year, a number that will grow before it shrinks. Smoking in the twentieth century killed only 100 million people, whereas a billion could perish in our century unless we reverse course. Even if present rates of consumption drop steadily to zero by 2100, we will still have about 300 million

  • Smoking is the leading cause in American deaths

    In school, older children are pressured to smoke. The chemical such as nicotine inside of the cigarettes makes it hard for them to stop, and bacteria and chemicals slowly build up in their bodies. Smoking harms nearly every single one of the bodies organs, including the heart, lungs and brain. This makes cause for 54% of children to be exposed to second-hand smoke, which is nearly as dangerous as smoking itself. Every year 480,000 through 430,000 people die from smoking related health issues. It causes millions of people to experience the heart break of a death. But, the risks of men getting lung cancer is raised by 25 percent, and women by 25.7.

  • Pollution in the air

    The production of cigarettes is polluting our air that we breathe. Also the people smoking are polluting out air also from the smoke. Not only does it hurt the people smoking it hurts all people breathing. This is why I think the production and sale of cigarettes should be made illegal.

  • Should be made illegal

    Life is a blessing. We should not waste our life in all these useless activities. We should do some healthy activities. Muslims are not allowed to take drugs. Instead odf wasting money on these scraps. We should utilize our money in some healthy things like charity etc to create healthy atmosphere

  • It's bad, but it's your choice.

    Of course smoking is unhealthy for your body, but it is your choice to take that cigarette and inhale the unhealthy chemicals into your body. I think that making it illegal won't accomplish much in stopping people from smoking. Making it illegal goes against our freedom of choice, whether that choice is good or bad, it's our choice to smoke.

  • Stupidity isn't Criminal

    The manufacture and sale of tobacco products, including cigarettes, is expensive, unnecessary, and victimizes people who aren't intelligent enough to say no to addiction. Unfortunately, this is not illegal. Nor should it be. Tobacco is not a bad commodity of itself, and if millions of people decide to use it for a bad purpose, there is nothing to be done about it.

  • Freedom of choice

    This country was made on tobacco. It as been around for just about for ever. And as an american we have the right to smoke if we want . If it becomes illegal im still going to smoke like its not so go ahead and take peoples freedom away thats real american of you

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  • It would be futile.

    Alcohol was banned once. We all know how that turned out. Yes, Smoking is bad for you (far worse than alcohol), But unfortunately our society has become too accustomed to it. Banning production, Sales, Or consumption of tobacco products would cause more problems than it would fix. The government would lose a ton of money, And civilians would still find access to tobacco products (ex. Black market). Even worse, It could cause an uprising.

  • So many more important things to ban.

    Everything I found in the past couple minutes for the leading cause of deaths in America is heart disease. I didn't find anything stating that smoking led to every single cause of heart disease. If cigarettes - or is this all tobacco? - are made illegal, they will become more highly sought after, drug cartels would become that much richer, and we, as Americans, would lose out on the tax benefits. That is why cigarettes are so expensive: taxes! It's just like the abolishing of alcohol; there were no benefits and it ended up costing the government more money just trying to police it. States are currently legalizing marijuana. Are you going to ban the practice of smoking it? Both contain carcinogens. Sure marijuana has medical benefits when cigarettes don't. What are the medical benefits of drinking alcohol?
    I'm sure you could argue one cigarette a day is worse than one drink a day, but I doubt drinkers don't stop at one drink a day. And if you want to help the environment, stop eating meat. Or stop driving cars. Or stop doing any of the thousands of things that impact the environment more than smoking. I'm not saying cigarettes aren't dangerous. They probably are the single most dangerous legal product sold today. I just don't think we will benefit from banning the sale of them. Raise the taxes even higher, then even less people would smoke and non-smokers would benefit further from having more taxes to spend. Further educate children on the dangers of smoking and reduce the nicotine; both would be more productive than banning the sale.

  • Would cause more problems than it would solve

    Looking at alcohol prohibition and the failed war on drugs it's clear that banning cigarettes would just cause more problems than it would solve.

    Banning substances leads to black market violence. And the penalties for drug crimes even mere use and possession have already helped to create a permanent criminal underclass. People lose opportunities for financial aid and acquire criminal records. As it becomes difficult to find employment they are more likely to despair and so continue using drugs and are more likely to turn to dealing drugs in order to earn a living even if they were merely users before their first offense. Many people now who only smoke cigarettes would end up experimenting with harder drugs and would end up getting involved in illegal drug dealing.

    It would also cost a lot of money (enforcement isn't cheap), more than tobacco could ever cost society (and it's likely that it wouldn't even put a dent in use, or if it did people would switch to other mostly worse drugs).

    I don't smoke and I don't think that people should smoke. But I also don't think it should be illegal to smoke. In addition to the problems I mentioned, at the end of the day it's your body, not the state's body. Using the same logic as prohibitionists every aspect of other behavior could be policed in the name of health. Then we can all have long, healthy lives where we never get to experience the joys of self-discovery because it has all been defined for us by the state.

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