• Health care is not a free market. It is a controlled market.

    The current system in the United States is not so much concerned with Health care as it is with Sick care. The entire system is designed to make profit the only reason for it to exist with no regard for humanity. Those with the least means are expected to pay the most and when they default are held in contempt. The current system makes people of lesser means choose to ignore symptoms until they are critical, Increasing their costs significantly. Health care is a right not a privilege.

  • I work in healthcare supply chain.

    The profit motive, more specifically, the corporate motive continually pushes us to seek cheaper and cheaper made products for use in the industry. The other and more pressing concern I have seen is the workload assigned to nurses and CNA's has nearly tripled over the last decade, from 5 to 13 patients per worker. This has disastrous consequences for the quality of care of patients. As well as reducing the number of available jobs and retention rates. CNAs and RNs are leaving all too often due to the lack of pay for the amount of responsibility.

  • You don't need profit to be innovative. Helping people should not be competitive.

    The profit motive and free market practices have been highly destructive in the health industry. Recently a company were caught selling hip replacements they knew to be defective because they didn't want to lose money by recalling them. I like to think that scientists wouldn't abandon their efforts to cure diseases if they found out they weren't going to get rich from doing so. If I found a cure for cancer and the patent automatically became public domain, I wouldn't care.

  • The profit motive should be removed from the business of health

    The profit motive should be removed from the business of health. I don't care who the health industry is or how much they say they care about their patients, there should be no profit off the sick people. That is just disgusting business practice, and patients shouldn't feel like they are being exploited for their health condition.

  • Yes It Should

    I believe the profit motive should be removed from the business of health. I know in my town that many of the doctors are the only people in town who can afford the nice houses, in the nice neighborhoods. They seem to forget that they made their fortunes off the misfortunes of others. Medical care shouldn't be done in the name of money but that is what the business has been turned into in the United States. If doctors didn't enter the business to help people then they should get out.

  • Yes, there should never have been profit associated with it.

    Yes, if we could remove the profit motive entirely from the business of health, there would be improvements in all areas. Doctors, nurses, hospitals and clinics should be allowed to focus on treating the sick and injured rather than balancing options dictated by insurance companies and based on the least cost scenario. The need to constantly show increased profits corrupts the service.

  • It creates invention.

    No, the profit motive should not be removed from the business of health, because when there is profit, people are more likely to work hard. A doctor will work harder to invent a new drug if the doctor knows that she will get a bonus for it. Profit makes the product better.

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