• The party itself is not needed anymore.

    Our nation has moved beyond the gang wars and political corruption of the Nineteen-Twenties. Most people do not even consider repeating the "Noble Experiment" out of the realization that such a move would do more harm to our country than good. As such, the Prohibition Party does not have a valid reason to exist anymore.

  • Drunk driving is deadly

    The produce of alcohol is causing a problem. By the widespread use of it there are many deaths on highways and car crashes. This has been a previous worry. Bartenders sell alcohol to people they know are already drunk. Those drunks then make bad decisions after that such as driving.

  • Last best hope for America.

    The Prohibition Party is the last best hope for the United States to return to moral correctness. The alcohol industry makes their living by selling a dangerous drug to mostly irresponsible buffoons who in turn raise the cost health care for the rest of us. The cost localities more in tax dollars for additional policing and are deadly behind the wheel.

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