Should the public be prevented from viewing criminal trials?

  • Yes, we should

    There is already a jury to ensure that justice is served, more exposure is not needed. Broadcasting a trial will play into what many criminals want, which is fame and notice. If anything, the trials should be underplayed in order to decrease the amount of fame and notoriety these criminals get.

  • Yes it should!

    When high profile criminal cases are broadcast for the public to see, the evidence could possibly be tampered with. When the public views a case, they use emotion instead of logic and reason. The media also likes to tamper with facts concerning a case and use emotion to keep viewers watching the trial!

  • Yes. Just the transcripts should be available.

    The justice system is not supposed to be entertainment, and that is what it has become, especially in high profile cases. The public should definitely know the results of criminal proceedings and transcripts from court should be readily available. But it does not need to be watched on television like a show.

  • The Functioning of the Judiciary should be transperant

    The functioning of the judicial system of a nation is primarily dependent on the trust that a nation's people has for it's judicial systems which dispose justice. Justice, a very controversial word, whose meaning differs from person to person, though, it is agreed partly that the public might use emotional feelings, the common man, in my point of view, has a right to know how his country's judiciary functions, that it does not function on emotional barriers but has its strong foundation and base on legal aspects. The Judiciary should be transparent, As far as the second argument is concerned, when the transcripts are available, then why should a common man be denied the right to audience or the right to watch/witness the hearing of a court? It improves his knowledge in law of the land. In fact, when almost many countries' laws say that 'IGNORANCE OF LAW IS NOT EXCUSABLE', then the common man must be knowing the law. Implementation of such a thing, might increase the awareness of the common man in the country.

  • The crimes are against "we the people" so we should be watching.

    When a criminal commits a crime, it is generally against "we the people." Or the state, which again is composed of the people. We need to be involved and be allowed to watch and make sure the trial is being conducted fairly and in our own best interests. Otherwise how do we know that justice has been served? Sensationalizing a trial on television for the purpose of making money is another matter.

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