Should the public be suckered?

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  • The public should not be suckered

    Lying is not any good, and the public should not be lied to, especially not by the government and politicians. It may be corny, but honesty is the best cure to many problems. It's time we recognize that and become an honest society that accurately puts our trust in things that matter.

  • 1-Person/1-Vote, we better NOT sucker the public

    Look at all these recent extremes.
    The people are severely fooled, both in doing these recent extremes, AND in having these histories kept out of their sight.
    But the financial sector is happy, they make more money -- the financial sector is an all-time record high fraction of GDP = 1/12 The money-changers are winning!
    I am certain that it is a far, far better thing for our nation if the people have their heads OUT of their fuming darknesses.

    Posted by: edgi

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