Should the public forgive Justine Sacco for her racist post on Twitter?

  • Everyone puts thier foot in thier mouths every now and then

    Yes, the public should forgive Justine Sacco for posting the racist remark on Twitter. I'm not saying it wasn't wrong, being it takes time to think and type what you post so she could have changed her mind before it was entered, but she didn't. We have all been guilty at some point of putting a foot or two in our mouths, but if an apology is given then forgive, but not forget.

  • Jesus it was a mistake

    Like Michael Richards, she also made a mistake. Big freaking deal. It's not like Don Imus or one of the segregationists who lynched black people. She made a mistake and deserves a second chance. She doesn't seem like the type who has hatred in her heart, like Don Imus or the segregationists.

  • Everyone makes mistakes.

    Justine Sacco should be forgiven for her racist comments posted to Twitter. While I do not agree with her the statement she posted, she is entitled to her opinion, and my guess is she maintains friendships with many black people. Clearly she made a terrible mistake, but public opinion is fickle and her Twitter post will be forgotten as soon as the next person makes a terrible Twitter post. It is mind boggling to me, however, that her Dad is a billionaire and one of the wealthiest people on the continent that she would know better.

  • So Much Offense

    Justine made a very racist comment and also decided to make it worldwide over Twitter. Obviously no one forgot about it because she is still under fire. She needed to use her common sense and realize that you can't tweet something like that. She is an adult, she should know.

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