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  • Its just bad policy

    An economic policy advocated by Obama as a means of forcing compromise on issues regarding the economy with politicians that have little interest in helping the economy and zero interest in compromise. An economic policy that has done more harm than good (just look at the FAA) and all this nonsensical talk about getting the 'economy back in order' at a time of economic downturn when cutting spending is the exact opposite of what's needed.
    The cuts weren't even targeted but across-the-board.

  • Send it to Portugal.

    Yes, the public should have been more outraged about the 2013 sequester, because it got little attention, even though it had a great impact on all of us. The sequester was something that most people didn't even know about. That was comically portrayed by a conservative who got people on the street to agree to pardon the sequester and send it to Portugal.

  • Yes, the 2013 sequester should have outraged the public more.

    I think that the 2013 sequester is something that should have made the public a lot more outraged. I think that it was an embarassing failure of our politicians and government. And I think that it is something that should have made the public angry and question the efficiency of our current public officials.

  • No, the government has hissyfits all the time.

    The 2013 sequester was really nothing more or less than the government having a tantrum. Both factions wanted to have things their way and were not willing to compromise. It is almost sad when full grown men who are supposed to be running the country regularly need time outs because they argue like children

  • Not at all

    The public was mainly outraged by the sequester because it cut funding to a lot of poorer groups and not from richer factions from our society. However, cuts need to happen because we are living above our means and we need to get back on the right track for our finances.

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