• Yes they should

    I think investigative police reports should be public knowledge. We need better oversight of the police today. There are far to many cases where the police are abusing their power. It would improve relations with the public if the police has much more transparency. Police need to be held accountable.

  • They should be public domain.

    They should be available to anyone that is involved in the investigation, for sure. As for others I'll leave that up for the courts to decide, but I am in favor of it. The more transparency the better; that's for sure. Maybe it will help stop corrupt investigations and railroading.

  • No I disagree

    That would be ridiculous and cause anarchy. The average citizen is not smart enough and would take everything in a police report out of context. Police risk their lives every single day to protect the citizens in this country and those who think they could do a better job are ignorant.

  • The Public Should Not Have Access to Investigative Police Reports

    The public shouldn't have access to investigative police reports because it could be dangerous for the people involved in the case. Records pertaining to investigative cases should be held private until the cases are closed for the safety of the people involved and also for the sake of keeping potential liabilities protected.

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