• Criminalizing the clothes corrupts our minds

    Criminalizing the clothes violates human rights and causes environmental problems and deforestation as most of the clothes are made from plants. Dress code policies have killed many innocent people including simple people. Dress codes also disturb the tourists. Criminalizing the clothes is also responsible for violence, Body shaming, Victim-blaming, Slut-shaming, Vitamin D deficiency due to low exposure of body to sunlight during morning, Skin infections, Menstrual infections, Low immunity power and discomfort. Slut-shaming is a crime against humanity. Public should realize that most of the clothes are designed by men. Sexy outfits maintain body positivity and cultural identity and increase self-confidence. Sexy outfits are also formal dresses. Sexy outfits have been worn since ancient times. These outfits are ideal during hot and humid weather and allow cellular respiration and body to get exposed to sunlight during morning to get adequate amount of Vitamin D. These outfits are also eco-friendly, Disabled friendly and LGBT friendly. Skirts have been unisex since ancient times. So, My opinion is that skirts should be made the choice of both the sexes.

  • Physical frisking during exams is a form of vulgarity

    Physical frisking during exams wastes students' time, Increases academic pressure, Anxiety and depression leading to poor performance. More the academic pressure more is the cheating during exams. Frisking can unfairly target female candidates, LGBT candidates and disabled candidates. This practice is gendered and discriminatory as most of the prohibited items are worn by these candidates. Physical frisking can promote indecency and it is a form of public humiliation. Physical frisking violates human rights. Rules and regulations during exams should stop this practice. Students should not be treated as machines. Students are also human beings. Rules and regulations during exams should be made more healthy and lenient to maintain candidate's health and promote decency and should reduce the number of prohibited items. Prohibited items should include calculators, Log tables, Electronics, Unknown sheet of papers, Weapons, Explosives, Cigarettes and alcohol. Physical frisking during exams should be banned globally.

  • Stop being too modest, Start treating others equally

    Modesty contributes to public shaming and body shaming. Modesty also causes narrow-mindedness, Unfair treatment and cultural misunderstanding. Modesty is also against feminism and individuality. Public shaming is an unnecessary regulation which leads to increase in hate crimes. Public shaming should not be taught. Respect does not mean modesty and treating others as superior. Respect means treating others equally.

  • Stop Shaming, Start Loving

    Shaming causes hatred of others and narrow-mindedness and weakens the relationships with relatives, Parents, Friends and teachers. Unsupportive family structures and peer pressure contribute to this. Public shaming also causes psychological disorders. It is a form of mental torture and cruelty towards others. Support of individuality eliminates public shaming, Increases self-esteem and curiosity, Promotes personality development and improves communication skills and thinking skills.

  • Public Shaming is Against Feminism

    Public shaming also leads to gender discrimination. It is an indecent practice. Male-dominated society is responsible for enforcing sexist, Misogynist, Homophobic and transphobic dress codes. Women, Adolescent girls and transgenders are forced to dress modestly just because of men and boys. This practice creates environment more hostile, Toxic and unhealthy for them. Public shaming also promotes rape culture. Public shaming also promotes indecent frisking such as forcing the female candidates to remove bras with metal clips during exams. Everyone should realize that most of the clothes are designed by men. Indecent frisking should be banned globally. Right to wear.

  • All educational institutions across the globe should ban public shaming

    Educational institutions including schools, Colleges and universities across the globe should ban this practice. Male-dominated society is responsible for public shaming resulting in kick-out of #MeToo movement. It also hurts LGBTQIA+ students. Public shaming also causes negative peer pressure leading to suicides, Nervous breakdown etc. All educational institutions across the globe should respect female students, Disabled students and LGBT students.

  • Public Shaming Crosses The Limit

    Public shaming is a form of ragging, Bullying and hate speech leading to intolerance to others and adjustment problems. It weakens teacher-student relationship, Hurts women, Men and children. It also hurts LGBTQIA+ people and disabled people. Dress code policies also promote public shaming along with body shaming, Sexism, Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia, Misanthropy, Racism and violation of human rights. These policies are also responsible for low immunity, Vitamin D deficiency, Skin infections, Menstrual infections, Rashes and over-exploitation of natural resources leading to environmental problems. Concern about environment, Health and weather change is very important. Therefore these policies should be removed immediately and should be made globally unacceptable. Right to wear, Right to live policy should be implemented worldwide and should be applicable to all anywhere, Regardless of gender, Marital status, Age, Religion, Financial status and race.

  • Stop Public Shaming Because it Hurts Us All

    Public shaming has become a controversial issue in today's world. This practice is highly prevalent in schools, Colleges, Universities, Workplaces and religious places of worship across the globe. Public shaming is a vulgarity, Promotes discrimination and violates human rights. Public shaming should be banned globally. Officials, Students' association, Peers, Interviewers, Colleagues and religious groups should be severely punished for public shaming.

  • Public shaming is injurious to health

    Public shaming is against human rights. It increases a lot of stress and anxiety. Increase in emotional stress is responsible for increasing crime rates. Public shaming should be banned completely. It has a negative impact on physical, Mental and social health. Freedom makes life healthier and eliminates stressful and boring life.

  • Yes, it should be banned.

    This should be banned everywhere, in my opinion and, especially, in the United States. We really have to start sticking to the innocent until proven guilty sentiment. A suspect is a suspect and not a convict, so until they are a convict, they deserve all the rights and respect anyone else does.

  • Shame them all you want

    I believe that criminals should be publicly shamed as much as anyone wants to. They have broken the law and therefore they should be shamed. I do believe that they should not be shamed till after they are convicted of the crime though. It is not fair to shame someone just because they have been charged with a crime. Only after they have been convicted should they be shamed.

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