Should the public shaming of criminal suspects be banned?

  • Yes, it should be banned.

    This should be banned everywhere, in my opinion and, especially, in the United States. We really have to start sticking to the innocent until proven guilty sentiment. A suspect is a suspect and not a convict, so until they are a convict, they deserve all the rights and respect anyone else does.

  • Yes, if they are only suspects.

    Public shaming for actual criminals might very well be a good thing as a deterrent, but public shaming of criminal suspects is just wrong. That is because if we do not know for sure that someone is a criminal, then it is not right to put him or her up for public ridicule.

  • Yes, Public Shaming of Criminals is a good idea

    It is a cost effective way to punish those of low level crimes. Most judges and courts are ordering this for people who are breaking the law. It varies from carrying signs of what they did to doing community service. People are watching them and to me it is an embarassement to those individuals.

  • No one should be publicly shamed.

    No person deserves to be publicly shamed. It is hypocritical to shame someone when no one is perfect, and it shows a lack of class. Criminals are given a sentence and they serve it. Anything beyond that is unjust, and doesn't give them a chance to properly re-enter society, which will almost encourage them to commit more crime.

  • Shame them all you want

    I believe that criminals should be publicly shamed as much as anyone wants to. They have broken the law and therefore they should be shamed. I do believe that they should not be shamed till after they are convicted of the crime though. It is not fair to shame someone just because they have been charged with a crime. Only after they have been convicted should they be shamed.

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