Should the public's right to know be placed above national security interests?

  • No, but we need clear definition.

    No, I believe national security interests should come first for the good of our country. The public does certainly have the right to know, but we should understand that there are times when sensitive information simply cannot be shared. People should respect this. But by the same token, our government should respect the public enough to share information as soon as possible. Not all secrets are true national security issues.

  • Why shouldn't we know?

    Although there are a certain few things that may be best protected from the public until a later time so as not to cause a panic, the public should have the right to know things that the government does, so as not to live in a country where we feel deceived or lied to.

  • No, sometimes secrecy is needed in the interest of national security.

    No, the public's right to know should not be placed above national security interests. In some cases, keeping information out of the media and away from the public is necessary to keep the country safe. Withholding certain information can also be beneficial in maintaining order and preventing chaos amongst citizens.

  • National security is first priority.

    The public's right to know should never be placed above national security. This is because the government needs to keep secrets to keep the people and the nation safe from foreign and domestic threats. If the public knew about these secrets they could interfere with the process the government needs to take.

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