Should the punishment for rape be the death penalty?

Asked by: ark200
  • Death penalty is a must for those who have been proven guilty.

    Rape is even worse than murder. Do you think enjoying devilish pleasure at the expense of the sanctity of victim correct? It is said that when anyone is punished with death penalty, that is done not to obtain justice but to take revenge; or demanding eye for an eye is not right. But what about the victim? Won't she demand justice for what was done to her?
    A rape victim's life is a living hell. The victim can never erase these events from her life. She has to live with it. Rapists who have taken the spirit of someone to live, have no right to live themselves. Hanging takes your life in few moments but rape kills you every time you think about it.

  • Rape is a very serious crime, committed against a person with no means to defend one oneself by a person or a group.

    Because rape is a serious felony, the penalty for those who will commit that act should be death. Giving death penalty to a guilty person means that justice is served. It shows also that the justice system values the dignity of rape victims. Further, death penalty for rape would deter crimes related to such as people would think twice before committing that crime, otherwise they will be penalized by death.

  • Rape IS as bad as murder.

    Rape is a DESPICABLE crime. For those of you saying "oh, it's not so bad", you obviously don't know much about rape. It's degrading, an extreme violation, and can pose severe threats to the victim's health. Rapists do not deserve life. I'm sure it would also make our community as a whole safer -- many "reformed" rapists will commit rape again.

  • Yeah, it will help prevent further assaults and if you aren't morally inclined on at least a humane level then you should receive the deathpenalty.

    Most of you aren't seeing the big picture here. The reason you would want to enforce the death penalty is to prevent more rapes from occurring. If the death penalty is enforced then less people will even try to attempt it. Yeah it will still happen, but surely there will be a huge decrease in the amount of rapes committed. Also it is definitely as bad as murder, I mean you would have to be a pretty sick disgusting person to do it. Some of you think that they are just people with some sort of illness, and that they cant help themselves. If you think that, you're an idiot. They aren't sick, they're just monsters living in human skin that cant help but force themselves on others. I don't care how ill or mentally handicapped they are, if they sexually assault a person without their consent and especially if they keep doing it then obviously they don't belong in this society and should be put down before they continue hurting others. Once again the main point to enforce a death penalty isn't just for punishment its also to send a message that it is as bad as murder, which in turn will improve upon the image that it is obviously very morally wrong, and inhumane and hopefully further deter more people from doing or even considering committing rape.

  • Yes it should...

    A human can be conquered only by fear. And the fear of death may some how surely help to decrease the number of rape victims in india. No strict rules and fearless criminals is the only combination leading to increase in rape cases in india. So now is the time to act, make rules and gain the power.

  • There should be death penalty for the rape, no guarantee rape won't happen again. The consequences for the victim are greater in the status quo

    Raping is not a disease that we can treat. For the rape the person can't sit in prison for a life time, so it means that one day he can get out and continue. You would say that there is another surgery method after which rapists will not want to rape anymore, but that is also limiting person's right, which is not different from limiting the right to live.
    Another things is the consequence for the victim after rape. One thing when you get killed "rest in peace" and your life is over and you won't suffer anymore. But another thing is when u get raped and you have to live with it the whole entire life. This can be something more harmful for the victim, as his normal life will suffer, which means it will actually bring more mental stress, more frustration, disappointment rather than death. Theeeerefore, by killing the one who raped is actually not as harsh punishment as the rape that happened

  • More sympathy for Accused

    The justice system shows more sympathy for criminals than it does victims. It's time we put the emphasis of our criminal justice system back on protecting the victim rather than the accused. Remember, a person who's on death row has almost always committed crimes before this. A long line of victims have been waiting for justice. We need justice for current and past victims.

  • In in extreme cases involving children or serious serial rapists: YES

    This is not a black and white issue, there is a large grey area. Rape is a sensitive issue, and in most cases its hard to really know what happens. Cases where both people are drunk, never. Not saying the raper shouldn't be punished, just saying death is pretty extreme. The person creeping through windows and gets caught with the pants down after reports of similar activity, definitely. Crimes against young kids, absolutely.

  • Yes, no doubt

    Those who think they have the authority to take another human being and commit these horrible acts should not be allowed to live. This act is not justified in any way and is an atrocity. This evil act cannot be justified or taken lightly and should be punished with the highest penalty.

  • Yes ,only severe punishment can eradicate the issue .

    Without severe punishments, this issue will never be solved.If people will not pay enough attention to this problem, reoffend will happen repetitively . As human being , u should control your behaviours otherwise there is no difference between beasts and the people who commit this crime .No offend .....Ddddddcvc FCC

  • They should not be allowed an easy way out.

    The main reason I don't support the death penalty for any reason is because it gives a horrible criminal an easy way out; a rapist will have a quick easy and then they'll be done with.

    A rapist does deserve a more harsh punishment than just a slap on the wrist and being let go after two days in jail. They deserve to be rendered unable to have sex, a massive jail sentence where their rights, privacy and bodily autonomy are invaded constantly, so to get a feeling of what they did to their victim, and/or some other form of punishment.

  • Rapists are psychologically ill person. Death will not enhance or change their mind.

    Rapists have a very weak mind. They have low self esteem, violent childhood,uneducated,UNEMPLOYED . Due to this mental setting they are prone to commit rape. This mental setting if changed, may lead this person to be a useful member of the society. This is the ultimate aim of the reformative system.

  • No it shouldn't

    Rape is not as bad as people make it out to be. It happens all the time in 3rd world countries and no one cares. Its not worth killing someone over, and just because they rape someone doesn't mean that you should hang them. Stop trying to kill people. Its annoying. Just let them kill themselves in prison and have it all be over.

  • Death penalty should be for murder.. Not rape.

    I'm not against the death penalty. In fact I support it. However, I think that the punishment given for crimes should fit the crime in its severity. It makes sense then that the punishment for murder would be the death penalty. However, since life hasn't been taken in the case of rape, I don't think the death penalty would fit the crime of rape. The case has to be made that the evil inflicted in rape is equal to the evil inflicted in death, and I don't think they do equal each other.

  • No! Because those pieces of filth deserve to suffer more than murderers.

    Victims of rape are often so severely traumitised that they never recover. Given that the rape is PROVEN to be 100% non-consentual, the victim should have the genital removed, rendering them unable to ever harm somebody in this manner again. Thereafter, they should be tattoed with the words 'RAPIST' on their forehead, and be thrown back into society to live the life they were going to live after they raped somebody. Somebody who does something like this to another human does deserve death, but it's too good for those people.

  • No, it should not.

    Death penalty, no matter how horrible the person is, should be banned. It is horrible and inhumane. How can we decide who should live or die? And though rape is disgusting and horrible, it is not worth killing someone over. Bring them to justice and make them rot for all I care, but do not take away their lives.

  • No, I do not support the death penalty.

    I do not think the state has the right to kill anybody. Perhaps when the police have an armed suspect or the military, in times of war but not in other circumstances. We have a justice system not a vengeance one and besides if there is a single chance of an innocent being killed then I stand against it.
    'Think of the family'
    What difference would killing them make? I mean they may have threatened a family but surely after a breakout the prisoner would be on the run not attempting to rape them. Also the chances of a breakout are incredibly low.

  • No of course not

    Rape, while a terrible, terrible thing, should NOT be punishable by death. Many people can change and many people have. This is a case where the action does not render the consequence. My only exception is if they are murdered as well such as the rape cases in India. They should be put in prison for at least 10 years, but not put to death.

  • Punishing somebody with death has a philosophical problem stated by Plato;

    If the state punishes somebody with death, then the state is it self committing a crime by its own standards (homicide). It is contradictory to punish by committing the same types of crimes you are punishing for. And essentially it incarnates the law of retaliation ; a conduct that leads to a endless chain of violence, hatred and vengeance, that ultimately no body wants. Also from a Hobbes perspective if the state is itself promoting violence, then it is a failed state, as its role is to diminish violence between humans by giving us protection form other violent states and from ourselves. According to Hobbes the state was created to give us a umbrella to cover us from all the blood that can be spilled if violence is not controlled.

    Definitely, no crime should be punished with death; rape should punished but like any other crime as it has no difference from a homicide. And certainly cannot be punished with the death penalty.

  • Victims already too forgiving.

    Victims of rape are already unlikely to report the crime because they don't want to overreact, or be accused of overreacting. Prosecutors already file away too many accusations, and society already shrugs its shoulders skeptically at too many victims. The threat of death penalty would sharpen these effects. The law is supposed to prevent crime, not select a few criminals to pay the penalty for everyone else.

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Ragnar says2013-09-14T23:18:23.847
In some cases yes, in others no.
blackdragonwoman says2017-08-31T01:32:52.887
Absolutely! They make our society unsafe.