Should the punishments for distracted driving be more severe?

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  • Distracted Driving Costs Money, Lives

    Distracted driving costs money and lives on American roads. Texting, listening to the radio and trying to control kids can all lead to unfortunate accidents. When a fatality is involved, there should at least be a minimum of manslaughter charges brought against someone for distracted driving. Even a minor accident, when a fine usually happens, should have the possibility of having a driver's license taken away or higher points against a license for distracted driving with a "three strikes" rule.

  • We have enough laws.

    People get distracted from time to time. Whether a deer runs across the road or a child is screaming in the backseat, life does happen. There does not need to be stiffer punishments for this. We already have laws in place for speeding, accidents, driving while intoxicated, and texting while driving. There do not need to be any more laws. The laws we have do quite nicely.

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