• Time For a New Generation

    A New Generation, A New Generation, A New Generation. The throne needs to be passed to a younger and more energetic and modern person. The monarchy needs to move into the 21st century, Queen Beatrix was great, but its time for Willem-Alexander. I predict the King of Belgium and Spain will abdicate soon, but Queen Elizabeth never will.

  • This is about queen beatrix of the netherlands who recently abdicated in favor of her son, willem-alexander of the house of orange-nassau not britain's queen

    Ok guys, I realize that older, aristocratic, European Queens can look vaguely similar- the carefully coiffered hair, the understated couture, the priceless brooch pinned to the shoulder - but come on guys, Queen Elizabeth II is a global icon who has probably been photographed, imaged and televised more than any living human being. Her look is unique and indeed iconic. The picture is not her! This debate is not about her.

    The Queen pictured here is former Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands who ended her 33-year reign in April 2013 by signing an act of abdication in favor of her 46 year-old son Willem-Alexander, the first King of the Netherlands in 123 years. Beatrix is the third successive Dutch queen to abdicate in favor of an eldest child. Abdication to make way for the younger generation is an established characteristic of Dutch Monarchy which is far less formal than the British Monarchy and rather less intertwined with government. In fact, the populist image of Dutch Monarchs bicycling in the streets among their subjects is so well known that the Dutch throne is oft referred to by their more staid British counterparts as a "Bicycle Monarchy." When Britain's Queen Elizabeth II heard of Queen Beatrix's announcement of intent to abdicate in January 2013 she supposedly wryly replied, "Typical Dutch."

    I appreciate the spirit of the "No" votes and agree with the sentiment in favor of British Monarchs staying the course but their passion is misplaced- they simply have the wrong European Queen. Of course, it could be the person who created this debate thought that they were posting a debate about Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and posted the wrong picture. If the latter is the case, then that person should probably not start debates on Elizabeth II until he or she figures out what the British Queen actually looks like.

    Good luck and long life to the former Queen Beatrix now Princess Beatrix (as she wishes to be styled) and All Good Wishes to the new King of the Dutch. Finally, God Bless H.M. Queen Elizabeth II and Long May She Reign!

  • No, because she's a symbol anyway.

    The British monarchy is a lovely symbolic presence but does not have to be sharp at government. It is sad for her son Charles that she does not abdicate, but there is really no reason that she needs to otherwise because she is able of body and mind and a beloved royal.

  • No, the Queen should not abdicate.

    The Queen should not abdicate. Being the monarch is a hereditary, inherited position. It is a lifelong appointment. An abdication is a dereliction of duty and fosters the impression that the monarchy is not necessarily needed. Abdication would be setting a bad example and making the role of ruler look more like an elected position.

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