• The Quran Should Be Taught

    The Quran should be taught in schools. Even the people who do not believe want to learn about the bible. The non-believers usually tend to be well educated. Most kids like to think there is something out there that can help them. Most instances people that say they don't believe is to protect their faith. By not standing up for what you believe for is hurting your faith not strengthening it.

    If you don't believe in it, you can stand outside of class.

  • All religious books teach us a good way to lead life

    In schools there are always options for students to select optional subjects, for example different languages, moral science, arts and technical subjects. So an option of religious subjects can be introduced. All the religious books teach a good way to lead life. Whereas churches and mosques are extremists institutions or should I say organizations.
    It can prove as a good and healthy way of educating our children with religious methods and knowledge and then leave it upto them the choice of following it. Atleast then the children's will have a liberty of following a particular religion while being aware of all the cons and pros of a religion. Unlike the thoughts a religious organization manipulates and feeds it into a child's mind. An educational institution can prove as an effective way to introduce all religions in a child's life and give them the liberty whether to follow it or not.

  • The magical book.

    Some new researches find out that Quran is the most resourceful book for being relax and having a big knowledge regardless the link between Quran and Islam as a sacred book ,every single verse that you read from Quran provide you a positive power and decrease your pressure . The magical book should be taught in the schools for all students regardless the difference in their religions because its valuable benefits as making them more clever and makes their ability to understand the language and to apply it much higher . The magic of Quran is by its variety of stories that can open the students imagination ability and sharpen their fiction. The benefits of teaching Quran in the schools uncountable and unlimited .Therefore we must encourage people to apply that in the schools every where in the world to make educated generations and strong economy

  • No and yes

    Not the quran itself but instead courses for religion. Where it teaches you about main beliefs and the basics of all mainstream large religions,
    Christianity, Islam,Judaism,Etc,,, Just so people Have ore knowledge about religion and do not go around making A certain Nation (America)
    Seem Ignorant And Uneducated. Also so that the people dont say False things about religion. It may also help with getting rid of Discrimination Based on religion if people know the truth about a religion. Especially for Islam (terrorist, Terrorist terrorist) This makes Americans look very dumb even though they are not. You know how it is. 1 bad apple Ruins the bunch

  • For the last time....Anything religion shouldn't be taught in school....

    People use there god as a variable.....Think of it like a fast food, many fast food joints will claim to have the best burger (similar to many religions claiming there belief is whats true)....And you think oh cool maybe the burger will be good....But no....Its the same idea but in a different story...People would rather rely on there god to do things for them and pray rather than actually doing work and thinking for themselves. They would rather read there "book" than read a book on evolutionary biology. Plus, anything good that happens through religion such as being kind and having morals can already be achieved without a religion...There are atheists who have morals and they don't need a book to tell them how to be moral. All religion has done is separated humanity into little groups with each group claiming there belief is right...It only causes arguments ...........

  • Freedom of Choice

    I do not believe that any religious book, let alone the Qur'an should be taught in school.

    Not everyone is the same religion and it is extremely offensive in certain religions to learn about or even mention other religions.

    The only time that I can say that I accept this is when it is a class you can CHOOSE whether or not it is a part of your schedule.

    This will also require a class for each popular religion, not just the religion taught in the Qur'an. Otherwise, I'd have to say no.

    With that, I also have to add that this should take an Elective in High/Middle School. It should not take up one's Science period.

    This answer is coming from an Atheist, but that did not change my opinion. Freedom of choice is a necessity.

  • No religious book should be taught in public school.

    Learning the history of religion is fine; my school had a unit on that in history class and most people found it interesting. However, people shouldn't be forced to learn about the beliefs of a religion they don't believe in. I'm as against the teaching of the Bible as I am against the teaching of the Quran. The history of a religion is different. It's a factual, historically based thing, while the beliefs of a religion is not.

  • Freedom of Religion

    You cannot force people to learn this religious material. The people have their freedom of religion, and there is nothing you can do to change that. We have churches for a reason, if you want to read about the Quran, or any other religious related things, go there. Otherwise, public schools will not teach about the Quran.

  • Separation of Church

    And State anyone? I mean seriously, if you want the Qur'an to be taught in school, then EVERY religious book must be, and, arguably, every atheistic book as well. It is IMPOSSIBLE to teach all of them in the time given, so therefore none of them should be. And don't say, "they can stand outside of class". That is a poor excuse.

    Posted by: SNP1

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